Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Quilt for my Father & Then Some

As many of you know, my father is currently battling his second bout with cancer. He also serves as Executive Director of Bismarck Cancer Center in North Dakota. Which means he has accumulated a number of cancer survivor/BCC t-shirts that mean a lot to him.

SO... I said, send 'em to me! And my father did. Here's the box I got in the mail:

Here are the t-shirts unpacked, on the cutting board:

...and here are the t-shirts minus sleeves and collars and backs:

...and here is the finished quilt top! 
(sorry, pic is fuzzy and doesn't do it justice!)

fyi: I chose to back it in lime green fleece 
and to bind it in a black-ish star print. Pics to come!

MEANWHILE, here is the monster that is our son Andrew's quilty graduation gift! It's king-sized and contains so many of the things he's been passionate about...from Pokemon to swim team to McDs to funny sayings (thank you, Mental Floss!). I chose black minky for the back (he LOVES soft textures) and a rainbow-ish print for the binding. Can't wait to see how it comes together!

...and FINALLY, an Auburn throw for my uber-Auburn-fan husband. This one contains sweatshirt tops from way back in the 80s to now! (Binding will be in the orange dotted fabric seen below, and the back will be an Auburn fleece print. Cozy!)

As soon as January comes, I'm going to start piecing the Christmas quilt I've been planning for oh, about 5 years now. Maybe that way it will actually be ready come Christmas 2015. :)

Any quilty or crafty projects going on in your life?


  1. I missed this yesterday, Irene. I didn't know about your father. Best wishes for recovery to him, and hugs to you. What wonderful quilts you've made. My mother made a tie quilt that included all my step-father's ties, special memories "tied up" in it, like your tee shirt ones. I hope you do get the Christmas quilt started in the new year, for next Christmas?

  2. Just amazing. You are a wonder, creating such treasures.

  3. Oh, I love your quilts. I don't have the sewing gene, but my daughter does. I'm forwarding this post to her. She inherited her grandmother's golden thimble.

  4. but a piece of advise here Irene... don't start charm quilts with all four of your grandchildren (or how ever many you have) because they will only get a small portion done and you will have to finish the rest... I know...


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