Thursday, December 18, 2014

POISONED APPLES for Christmas?

Hello, and Happy Poetry Friday! Please visit Buffy's Blog for Roundup. I can't believe this is our last Poetry Friday before Christmas! Even though it's not exactly festive, I've decided to share with you selections from POISONED APPLES: POEMS FOR YOU, MY PRETTY by Christine Heppermann. This book has appeared on a number of Best Of 2014 lists... and it's poetry! Love when that happens. The book explores the fairy tale tropes in modern day life. Happily Ever After, this is NOT. Oh, darkness....

 I give you the opening poem (with a killer last line!) and my favorite of the collection (because it is such a clever metaphor).

The Woods
by Christine Heppermann

The action's always there.
Where are the fairy tales about gym class
or the doctor's office or the back of the bus
where bad things also happen?
Pigs can buy cheap building materials
just as easily in the suburbs.
Wolves stage invasions. Girls spit out
cereal, break chairs, and curl beneath
covers like pill bugs or selfish grannies
avoiding the mess.
No need for a bunch of trees.
You can lose your way anywhere.

Photoshopped Poem
by Christine Heppermann

Some say the Before poem
had character.
This poem is much more attractive.
With the Healing Brush Tool
I took out most of the lines.
I left in a few
so it wouldn't look unnatural.


  1. Love these lines: No need for a bunch of trees.
    You can lose your way anywhere.

    Fairy tales about gym class? There's a nightmare I don't want to relive!

  2. A photoshopped poem!! Such creativity! I'm excited that a book of poetry has been making a splash :-)

  3. This book is on my list, Irene, and I want to read it even more now. What great poems you shared. My students will love these. They speak of 'photoshopping' so casually. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  4. Leave it to you to shake up the sweetness under the Christmas tree, Irene. Thanks for sharing, and of course I want to read the rest! (You are right about that last killer line in the first. And Buffy's right about those old gym class memories... shudder!)

  5. I've been hearing about this book -- nice to read the sample poems. I'm shuddering right along with Buffy and Robyn about gym class . . .

  6. I just checked the library's catalog and the book is sitting on the shelf--I'll remedy that! Also, I posted your swap poem today at Random Noodling. Thanks again for sharing it!

  7. Love these poems! No wonder it's appearing on several Best Of lists. And I do love that last line! Wow!

  8. Reminds me of the trailers for "Into the Woods" but with a modern twist. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is a VERY fun book! Thanks for getting the word out!


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