Monday, August 31, 2015

#EveryBrilliantThing August Roundup

This year I am keeping a virtual gratitude list, inspired by the play Every Brilliant ThingHere's my post about it. 

And here is my list for AUGUST! (For September, my goal is to resume posting these daily on Twitter! We'll see. :)

Red suitcase.
Exercise ball.
Roman shades.
The Bird Girl.
Sweet and sour sauce.
Early morning walk on the trail.
Digital scrapbooking.
Fabric in the mail.
Book signed by author.
Reuseable grocery bags.
Sea bands.
Tinted moisturizer.
Walking on the beach.
Easy as Sunday morning.
First day of school.
Used book stores.
Lunch on the back porch.
Supper on the back porch.
Double-yolk egg.
Finishing a quilt.
Baby wipes.
High school football.
Fresh cantaloupe.
Cello teacher saying I'm becoming a “sturdy” player.
Rick Springfield singing Katy Perry's ROAR.
Dancing in moonlight.
Empty highway.


  1. Love this roundup! I love used bookstores, walks, and books signed by authors too.

  2. I'm going to have to read the Octopus book, Irene. They are such amazing creatures. They definitely belong on a brilliant things list.

  3. Lists! I enjoy lists & had I made one, a coupla of yours would gravitate to mine, Irene.
    Thanks for the tip on the octopus nonfiction title. I was nearly unable to tear myself away from two active & adorable octopi at an aquarium. If I hadn't been with family & also with our guest from Bulgaria by way of Boston, who all wanted to move on, I would have camped by the tank the rest of the day. No one else felt the pull I did so this author intended this book for me.


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