Monday, December 7, 2015

It's An Arlington Christmas

I've lived in Birmingham since 1984, and not once before have I visited Arlington, an antebellum home that sits in the West End area of town. I've always wanted to go, but you know how the locals never see the local attractions?

Well, I decided to remedy that this year. So, on Saturday, which happened to be the annual Open House at Arlington, me, my best traveling companion/husband/endless-stream-of-all-the-best-words here, and our youngest son drove across town. The sky was gorgeous blue, the morning air still a bit chilly but warming, and we were all good cheer and merriment.

Upstairs we found "Grandmother's Room," complete with a forest, Red Riding Hood, and a wolf in the bed!

Don't you love the cotton wreath at the foot of the bed?

There was also a children's room upstairs, and this bedroom that I totally would have wanted if Id lived in the house. Love that quilt! And what a cute Christmas tree in the corner.

And here is the hearth decked with stockings in the old kitchen where Santa was there with Mrs. Claus, listening to the oh-so-secret Christmas wishes.

 And finally, here is a little bit of natural Christmas decoration... O Happy Day, sing the thrushes, warblers and jays!

I should have taken more pictures. Next time...


  1. Sounds like a terrific outing!
    Thanks for sharing it with us :-)

  2. Wolf in the bed! Someone knows kid. lit. there.

    Cute pictures & especially fun to see the one of you & your hubby, who sounds a lot like my handsome hubby/faithful conspirator on the road.


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