Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's an Itty Bitty Word (Christmas) Tree

A couple of years ago our son was out-of-state for Christmas, so we acquired a small, portable silver tabletop tree to carry with us for our visit with him. It was perfect, even unadorned!

This year I pulled out and decided to make it special by displaying it on the desk in my newly-renovated (it used to be a computer/workout room) yet-to-be-named art-music-poetry studio. Soon it came to me: make a WORD tree!

First, I used miniature cookie cutters and wrote in each a word from my One Little Word collection. ("Wild" for 2015 was my 8th OLW!)

Here are a few:

2015 OLW

2012 OLW

2010 OLW

Then I added some favorite fortunes saved from fortune cookies (anyone else collect these? I have a stash of my favorites)  -- and a message or two from Dove dark chocolate wrappers. (Yes, I also collect these. I'm a word-hoarder, apparently! :)

... and that's as far as I've gotten! I hope to add more as it comes to me, and over the years. Fun!


  1. I love your word tree! You've sparked a new Christmas tree tradition. Now I have a way to use all my Dove wrappers that used to be on my bulletin board at school! And I could also us some of my favorite calendar quotes I've saved over the years. Love this idea.

  2. It's a wonderful thing to have, this 'word tree', Irene. Love that you've found ways to use those savory and sweet collections.


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