Monday, February 22, 2016


Recently we watched at home THE INEVITABLE DEFEAT OF MISTER AND PETE. My husband, who enjoys surfing through the choices (I hate that part!) said he read this movie's description, and he knew right away it was a movie I was likely to  enjoy.

He was right!

It's about two kids -- Mister & Pete -- whose mothers are both junkie prostitutes, and their struggle to survive the projects in Brooklyn, alone, for a summer.

It's mostly Mister's story, and what a performance by Skylan Brooks! You believe in this kid, you see his pain, all the ways he struggles, and how he's got that big ol' heart underneath all his worries and hunger and poverty and lack of parental support. And he's got Pete, who at first annoys him, but who by the end of the movie has become the most important person in Mister's life. These two kids stick together. And when eventually the thing Mister fears the most comes to pass, there's a silver lining, and the movie ultimately ends on a hopeful note.

Great movie for those of us writing middle grade fiction about tough subjects. See it for yourself on Netflix.

Meanwhile, we also watched with our youngest son FIGHT CLUB and PRIDE & PREJUDICE. Good times!

Just one week until the Oscars....

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  1. I've never seen that movie, but I will watch it. Thanks for the recomendation. Love the diversification you're giving your youngest son. You can't find two more different movies than FIGHT CLUB and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. :-)


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