Thursday, February 18, 2016

In Which I Am Twitterpated

Hello, and welcome! Today for Spiritual Journey Thursday we are all sharing thoughts about my 2016 One Little Word: DELIGHT. Please join us!

To find out why I selected DELIGHT, please see my original post. Now that we're nearly two months into the year, I can report that I've found it rather easy to incorporate delight into my daily experiences. Delight, for me, is rooted in wonder and curiosity. There is so much to marvel at in this world, so much magic, so much to be grateful for...

The other day when I was walking at the park I witnessed a young mother chasing her giggling toddler-daughter. That little girl was running as fast as she could, laughter burbling out of her, and she kept looking back to see her mother coming after her. THAT, I thought, is delight.

One day last week my good friend sent me a picture of a chicken with feathers sprouting out of the top of its head, called a "frizzle":


Anytime I see pictures of babies or animals or babies with animals -- delight.

And it's changing me, this focus on delight. It's helping me stay in the moment, take it easy, to not be so judgmental or striving. It's also helping to reconnect me with my young, carefree self... I bought the other day a shirt that has brought me so much delight:

It's Flower from the movie BAMBI! I adored this story as a child, and when I saw these tunics on the sale rack at Kohl's, I just smiled and smiled! And yes, I brought one home. :) It brought back all those memories, all my favorite lines... like Flower's classic: "You can call me 'Flower" if you want to."

And what about that great made-up word "twitterpated?" That comes from BAMBI, too. Being twitterpated is one of my most favorite feelings in the world!

So, yes. DELIGHT. I am loving this word and the impact it is having on my life. I look forward to your thoughts!


  1. I wrote you a delight word poem today.
    Can I get a matching Flower shirt? Love the memories of Bambi. Where did these simple, lovely times go? Thanks for your word today. I needed it.

  2. Twitterpated is what I shall be today as I delight in what the world offers, even if I am inside engaged in household tasks. I need to delight in the ordinary more and revert back to a childlike wonder in all I do. Thanks for sharing your word today, Irene.

  3. Delight is a good word and bears repeating...
    and reliving! Thanks for a sweet word today!

  4. Thank you for inviting us to share your sense of delight--vicariously and firsthand. It is encouraging and uplifting to know the fruits you are finding in living with gusto your OLW. Delightful! Thank you!

  5. Love the pic of the frizzle chicken, that wonderful word "twitterpated," and your experiences so far this year with delight. One of the ways I experience delight is through reading the comics. There's always at least one, often more, that make me laugh out loud! Have a delightful day!

  6. I was cleaning up files on my computer this week and found an old email where my son-in-law had announced to his friends that she said yes. I remember his stumbling around totally twitterpaited! Such a fun word. I'm so glad you are finding delight in every day. It is a good word.

  7. I love how you find that focusing on your word of delight is changing you. Isn't that the purpose--to actually experience living the word we've chosen, so that it becomes part of us? Enjoy your flower shirt. It sure is cute!

  8. Twitterpated is the perfect DELIGHTful word!! That chicken is just hilarious - such a delight! What fun we've all had with your wonderful word!

  9. Delighted to share your delight, Irene--I use it often but I think most people consider it an old-fashioned word, gone out of style. But the way that it's changing you is perhaps to do with its root, "light"--to be lifted by the ungrave in life. My OLW (which I have not shared) is slowly but surely doing the's DANCE, and I am really doing more of it!


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