Monday, June 6, 2016

Movie Monday: ME BEFORE YOU

Hi there. Yes, it's me, back after a wonderful week in Nashville with Paul, where we had all sorts of adventures while our son participated in Grammy Camp.

What an amazing experience Grammy Camp was for him! Great folks, great music... more on this soon. Meanwhile, here's an article about Eric and his music and Grammy Camp!

One of the things Paul and I did in the hours between checking our of our place and the end-of-camp Open House and performance, was see ME BEFORE YOU.

After reading less-than-stellar review, we talked briefly about seeing a different movie, but no, this is the one I wanted to see. So we went!

And... I loved it. Yes, it was melodramatic. I cried more than once. But who cares when there's a character like Louisa Clark played by oh-so-charming Emilia Clarke? That phrase "lights up a room" comes to mind.

While I have enjoyed several of Jojo Moyes' novels, I haven't read ME BEFORE YOU, so I enjoyed watching the movie unfold. I also enjoyed listening in the bathroom after the movie to what some women who HAD read the book had to say. :) Yes, I will be reading the novel now for sure!

I'm not going to write about what the movie's about because if you've seen the trailer, you already know. Suffice it to say it's an impossible love story with a Big Topic and loveable characters in which everything doesn't turn out the way we want, but it is what it is, and really, Lou's father Bernard (played by Brendan Coyle), who will always be Mr. Bates (DOWNTON ABBEY) to me, summed it up best: we have to let people be who they are.

So: put on some bumblebee tights and go see it! Bring tissues.

In case you were wondering: my favorite Jojo Moyes novel to date: THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER. What a story! Love.

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