Thursday, May 26, 2016

Lets Get Fresh Delicious with Rebekah's Blueberries!

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Julie at The Drift Record for Roundup!

In case you missed it, I've been running a School Visit Spotlight series. Here are the posts so far:

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Also, exciting news: FRESH DELICIOUS has been selected to represent Alabama at the National Book Festival in Washington, DC!

Yay! I am thrilled and honored to be a part of this year's festivities. Thank you Donna Adcock and the Alabama Center for the Book! Mwah!

Earlier this month I visit Riverhill School in Florence, Alabama -- which, I should mention, had just finished up a Kindness Week, so I loved seeing signs all over the school about kindness! -- and there were surprise guests: Amy from Hope is the Word and her lovely daughters! This is a family that hosts regular Poetry Tea Times, and ever since LEAVING GEE'S BEND, they have also been wonderful supporters of mine.

So, you can imagine my delight when a few days ago I received a letter from young Rebekah, who is 10. She sent me a poem she wrote after reading FRESH DELICIOUS:

by Rebekah Uptain

Blueberries pop in your mouth
A jazz of flavors dancing in your mouth
Sweet or sour
Blue or purple
Some a waltz, some a tango
Swallow and reach for another.

I love this poem! From the first pop to the "jazz" through that waltz and tango all the way to reaching for another. Rebekah successful infused a poem about a still object with sound and motion. So, so lovely... and inspiring. Thank you, Rebekah!

And here is a picture of me with Rebekah and her sister Lydia. So happy to know these young readers... and their sweet mom Amy! THANK YOU!!
Rebekah, Lydia & me


  1. This young poet has selected a great metaphor and carried it through. I'm looking forward to blueberry picking soon and I'll be singing this poem.

  2. Congratulations on Fresh! Delicious! being chosen for the DC Festival. Someone just shared it yesterday on our non-fiction picture book linking up, too, and loved it! The poem by Rebekah is marvelous, love that "jazz of flavors". Your school visits sound delightful, Irene.

  3. Love the use of dance metaphors! And congratulations on your book being chosen. Well done!

  4. Love the pic of you with Rebekah and Lydia! And I love Rebekah's art and poem. Wonder where she got that idea? That last line, "swallow and reach for another," is perfect! Congrats on your book being selected. I attended the DC Festival once and loved spending time in the states tent!

  5. Love this post. Rebekah's poem and art are wonderful (love the jazz of flavors!). Your spotlight series is so heartening, as they show us not only about the impact of the books themselves but about the valuable personal connections that are made with readers, teachers, librarians, and so many others.

    And Congratulations on having FRESH DELICIOUS chosen to represent Alabama at the National Book Festival! Extremely cool!

  6. Mmm. Jazz in your mouth is perfect!

  7. Congratulations, Irene!!! By the looks of it, I think Rebekah may make it to the National Book Festival herself one day as an author/illustrator. :)

  8. Wow! That is a fabulous poem--jazz of flavors, indeed:>) And congrats, Irene--what lovely news.

  9. Woo-hooo for Fresh Delicious! And for its incredible author.
    Congrats, too, to Rebekah on a fine poem - love that "reach for another" at the end. She'll keep reaching for poems and writing more and more, I'm sure. Great picture of you with her and Lydia!

  10. Love the Blueberry poem, and congrats on the award, Irene!

  11. Love the Blueberry poem, and congrats on the award, Irene!

  12. Rebekah did an amazing job on her poem. And I loved reading your posts about your school visits...what fun!
    Congrats on Fresh Delicious be chosen to rep Alabama! What an honor.

  13. Congrats on representing Alabama! Bam! as Fats' poem for today would have us say. Also, great blueberry poem and art by Rebekah! Another bam!

  14. Congratulations are representing AL. Are you heading to DC for the festival? One year Women of Granite was the NH representative and several of us who contributed profiles traveled together to the festival. It was a weekend packed with touristy stuff. We even had our picture taken with the Librarian of Congress!

  15. Congratulations, Irene! What a well-deserved honor! Rebekah's poem is wonderful. That "jazz of flavors" has me longing for some fresh blueberries

  16. Great poem by Rebekah! And many congrats on the continued success of FRESH DELICIOUS.


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