Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Things to Do in Nashville Not-Just-For-Music Tennessee

Earlier this summer Paul and I spent a week exploring Nashville while our musician-son Eric attended Grammy Camp. We rented a place near Belmont University so we'd be close to Music Row, and it was a great spot. Here are some of the things we most enjoyed (in no particular order):

1. The Parthenon. Originally built for Tennessee's Centennial Expo (1897), the building stands as a centerpiece of Centennial Park -- and it was one of places my father said we have to visit while in Nashville. I'm so glad we did.

2. Parnassus Books, where I bought two books: The Color of Water by James McBride and The Narrow Door by Paul Lisicky -- both memoirs, and both wonderful. I also visited with author-friend Rae Ann Parker, who happens to also work at Parnassus.

... and here is the pic that made me smile so big I had to tweet it right away:

3. Arnold's Country Kitchen. Paul and I love meat-n-3 restaurants, and one of the things we always try to do when we travel is scope these places out. We loved Arnold's so much we ate there three times. :)

... and here's proof that we aren't the only ones who like it!

4. Carnton Plantation. Okay, so this is actually in Franklin, which is a little town just south of Nashville, but I can't not mention it. Paul and I both love history, so this home that survived the 5-hour oh so devastating Battle of Franklin (Civil War) absolutely captivated our imaginations. I came away wanting to write poems and poems and poems!

Other places we enjoyed: Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, Johnny Cash Museum, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Gray's on Main (restaurant in Franklin housed in an old pharmacy where the walls are papered with old prescriptions!).

Eric wants to go back to Grammy Camp next year, so who knows? We might do some more Nashville exploring! If we do, you can find us at Arnold's for lunch.

Meanwhile, I am headed south with some dear writing friends... I'll fill you in on my adventures next week. Hope you have a great rest of the week. :)


  1. I am so going to Arnold's the next time I go to Nashville! I loved the Parthenon, too, and my daughter loves Parnassus (I haven't been). Those prescription-papered walls would fascinate me for hours!

  2. I love the Parthenon too. My son loves Arnold's, but I've never been there. I read The Color of Water when my kids read it in high school. I went to The Hermitage with my dad 35+ years ago. Glad you had a fun time! Fingers crossed that Eric goes to Grammy camp again next year.

  3. What a fun time you all had! Thanks for sharing. Methinks Eric will be a Nashville fan for a looong time after this trip.

  4. What a fun time you all had! Thanks for sharing. Methinks Eric will be a Nashville fan for a looong time after this trip.

  5. I love visiting Nashville. You've given me a few new places to check out. Thank you.


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