Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Morning Delight

I've just been shuffling through some things at my desk and found again this clipping that happens to feature my 2016 One Little Word "Delight."

One of the things I most enjoy about choosing a One Little Word is how it finds you again and again during the year, often in the most unexpected places. (This came to me while in North Dakota for my father's funeral.)

While we're on the subject of One Little Word, a friend shared with me a OLW-themed gift given to her after I gave some presentations (also in North Dakota, different trip) about the power of One Little Word.

Behold, this bucket of her (nursing) team's One Little Words:

...and inside:

What a thoughtful gift and wonderful way to incorporate One Little Word into daily life!

And now, something that brings me delight: this painting "Just a Peek" by Mike Hooper spied in Gallery 202 in Franklin, TN. Makes me smile every time! Probably because I have often been the one peeking... hazard of a curious mind! :)

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