Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Maggie the Magical Disappearing Cat

Last week our indoor-only cat Maggie disappeared.

Paul searched everywhere -- high, low, outside, inside.

What made it so strange is that Maggie is not one of these dash-out-the-door cats. Even when a door is open, she wants only to sit there and WATCH. She has some very reliable habits. When she does hide, it's usually under our bed.

Not this time.

Paul posted signs in the neighborhood, just in case.

No calls. No Maggie. Paul was heartbroken.

And then, three days later... Maggie! She appeared in our basement. Our basement, where Paul has an office, and Andrew has a room, and we park our cars. We'd been in and out, and she'd been hiding all that time!

A friend of mine said she might have been sick, or working to clear a hairball. She must have needed to be alone.

We're so happy she's back! Especially Paul -- Maggie is his cat. And as much as we go into relationships with pets knowing that they will end sooner than we'd like them to, we're really glad we've got more time with her. She's special.

So if you have a pet(s), love 'em extra-hard today, for us, and for Maggie!


  1. Love the pic of Maggie perching on the railing. With that coloring, she's a perfect October cat! What a treat to have her back!

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  3. Great post. Hooray for Maggie, hooray for Paul, hooray for the Latham's!

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  5. Maggie looks like she is related to our cat Lulu. But then I guess all tortiseshell cats are related. I'll show you a photo at the next cello meeting.


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