Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Poem of Delight

As some readers may remember, my 2016 One Little Word is DELIGHT. So, imagine my delight when I stumbled across this poem in a little book called Gratitude Prayers, selected by June Cotner:

A Poem of Delight
by Dan Vera

What are the chemical properties of delight?

What physical law rules delight?

In which commandment did the Hebrew God command delight?

Does delight ever go on sale?

Does delight ever go on vacation?

What is the temperature of delight?

Who came first: the delighted chicken or the delighted egg?

What are the elemental principles of delight?

If I dropped delight from the Empire State Building at exactly the same time you dropped delight from the second story window of your apartment, which delight would land first?

If day follows night, does this mean delight follows delight?

With a billion sparkling beings illuminating the sky, is midnight the time of shimmering delight?

And if I feel delight at the twinkling of stars that long burned out in the blue ovens of night, what is the half-life of delight?

An east-bound train from Omaha to Denver is traveling at 110 miles an hour and a west-bound train from Denver to Omaha is traveling at 95 miles an hour. They both leave their respective stations at the same time and the distance between Denver and Omaha is 537 miles. How much time will it take the train conductors to feel delight at their meeting?

Is desperation jealous of delight?

Do the bells at the top of the hill ring with anything but delight?

I was walking through the aisles of the grocery store when I stumbled upon a pyramid display of delight. I placed one in my basket and proceeded to the checkout line. But when the cashier tried to scan it, he couldn't find the universal price code for delight.

                                  "Price check on Aisle 3!"

Love is just the space between our danger and delight.

Isn't that delightful? And isn't that last line wonderful? Suddenly I am speaking in questions. :)


  1. "Price check on Aisle 3!" ha! I think delight is free today :-)

  2. Love Tabatha's wit and your serendipitous discovery of this poem. Here's my favorite Iine: "With a billion sparkling beings illuminating the sky, is midnight the time of shimmering delight?"
    I have two collections of June Cotner's poems, but not this one. I hope our library has Gratitude Prayers. You think there's an abide (my OLW) poem in the collection?

    1. I love that line, too, Ramona! I will look to see if there is an abide poem. It's a lovely little book. xo


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