Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Poem Swap "DELIGHT" by Donna Smith

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Wow, can it really be Christmas Eve tomorrow? I feel like I have been Christmas-ing for a good month, maybe more. My mailbox has indeed been a happy place! I was thrilled to receive a penguin-y package from Donna Smith. Among other things, it included a handmade quilted penguin ornament! Donna is a true Renaissance woman. She does everything! And of course there was a poem -- titled after my 2016 One Little Word.

Can you see the penguins
hiding in this graphic?? Love!
by Donna Smith

Delight greeting daybreak,
Delight meeting noon;
Delight in the evening
With barred owl's croon.

Delight in the heavens,
Delight in each star,
Delight in the twinkling
Winks from afar.

Delight in the quiet,
Delight in the noise;
Delight may be found in
The humblest of joys.

Round pebbles to ponder,
Sweet laughter, warm breeze,
Tall mouuntains to wander
Each day that you seize.

Delight in each moment
Dissolving in air,
But hold some as memories
When moments are rare.

Though we may not see as
Delight moves along;
It whispers to others
Who hear your heart's song.

Delight taken in is
A gift to bestow.
Precious seeds of delight
Delightedly sow!

If ever you feel that
There's no more Delight,
Remember that morning
Still dawns with new light.

Delights's the beginning,
Don't look for its end,
For all who delight have
Embraced the soul's friend.

May delight in your heart
Flow freely and sweet
So others will see it
And bless all you meet.
Thank you, Donna! And thank you Tabatha, who facilitates such wonder and joy in our lives. I'm so grateful!

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  1. Donna's words are intoxicating, a happy drunk of joy. I could live happily in these words: "Round pebbles to ponder,/ Sweet laughter, warm breeze,/ Tall mountains to wander".

  2. Delight, delight! Every stanza is a delight in itself. Thank you for sharing this special gift received.

    1. Thank YOU for visiting! Donna is a delight, that is for sure!

  3. Oh such delight in Donna's poem! A perfect word for a poet--and one that I'm going to work on taking to heart this coming year. Merry Christmas to you, Irene!

    1. Dear Buffy, you are right about delight being a poet's word... I'd like to infuse my writing with it! And Donna embodies it, doesn't she? xo

  4. Lots of "delightful" things happening in your life this week! I love Donna's poem! I would love to participate in one of these some day, but I don't think I'm creative enough! I listened to your son's song- it's really beautiful. Wondering if he has any CD's?

    1. Carol - YOU ARE CREATIVE! Please participate... it is a way to love yourself and the world. Thanks for words about my son's song... you can find his songs on Spotify and itunes and at soundcloud. (he will be thrilled by your comment! Thank you!)

  5. Winter delight! Thanks for sharing Donna's poem. After a long day of Christmas prep, I needed it!

    1. Delight is good for every day, isn't it, Margaret? And you, my dear, are most certainly a delight. So happy to know you! xo

  6. Absolutely lovely! Donna's poem is such a beautiful gift. Enjoy the weekend. I wish you some long, slow moments with things that delight you.

    1. Wishing you long, slow delightful moments as well, Linda! Thank you for visiting.

  7. What a delightful poem by Donna. (She sure has you cased!) I've so enjoyed getting to know you through our Spiritual Journey Thursday posts, and then actually meeting you in person in October, which was the icing! I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration!

    1. Violet, I smile every time I think of you! I think meeting you was more like CAKE. Merry Christmas, my friend! xo


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