Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Poem for Johnny Cash's Birthday

I share a birthday with Johnny Cash. And Buffalo Bill. Recently I read FOREVER WORDS: The Unknown Poems by Johnny Cash. I especially loved the handwritten bits included.

Here's the poem/song I'd like to share with you today. Happy birthday, Johnny! And Buffalo Bill! And me! :) We will be celebrating tonight with a La La Land themed Oscar-viewing party! :)

Let's Put it To Music
by Johnny Cash (1960s)

How do you feel about me
Now that you've learned to know me?
Why don't we both admit
That something is happening
And we would feel better if
We'd just tell each other
No need to keep it to ourselves
Let's put it to music
Let's put it to music
Let's sing about it
Laugh about it
Clap our hands
And shout about it
Let the whole world hear it
In a sweet, sweet melody
Let's put it to music, you and me


  1. Happy birthday, Irene!!!!!xoxoxoxo!!! Love "Let's Put it to Music" AND the idea of a La La Land-themed party! Hope you have a ton of fun :-)

  2. What a fun birthday evening you have in store! Happy birthday, dear friend! Getting to know you is just like these words from Johnny's song -
    "Let's sing about it
    Laugh about it
    Clap our hands
    And shout about it!"


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