Thursday, March 2, 2017

That Sweet Moon Language of Connection

Hello and welcome to this month's installment of Spiritual Journey FIRST Thursday, during which we are all writing about Doraine's 2017 One Little Word "Connection." Visit Dori Reads for the Roundup!

Right way, it's got me thinking about Kermit and Miss Piggy and their "Rainbow Connection." Here's a version with Kermit and Debbie Harry:

Someday we'll find it... I love how hopeful that is! And I think it's what I am looking for every time I write a poem or a story, or when I walk in the early mornings or when I pray: connection. Connection to the universe, to nature, to other people. To myself, to the mystery of living, to a higher power...

Here is a poem I adore by the Persian poem Hafiz:

With That Moon Language

Admit something:

Everyone you see, you say to them, "Love me."

Of course you do not do this out loud, otherwise
someone would call the cops.

Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.

Why not become the one who lives with a
full moon in each eye that is
always saying,

with that sweet moon language,
what every other eye in
this world is
dying to

This reminds me of a conversation I had this past week with my 17 year old who this school year started at a new (giant) school where he knew no one... and this past week he started a new job, where he also knew no one. 

He said the girls working there looked really mean, and he was a little intimidated and wondering if they would even talk to him. But the one who looked the meanest ended up being the sweetest in terms of helping him learn the ropes. He said he realizes now that she's just shy -- just like he is. 

And that got us talking about how so few kids have reached out to him at school. They have their friend groups, and they just ignore him because they don't know him. 

What if HE was the one to reach out to them? How could we all change our lives if we just took that teeny-tiny risk? If WE were the ones to reach out first?

Today may I be the one to live with a full moon in each eye, telling the world and the people I meet how I love them.


  1. I love this idea of full moons in each eye telling the other you love them. That is what Jesus came to say. We must greet each other in love. It's so much harder to do than it sounds. But when we are intentional about it, wonderful things can happen. We can connect to others in a special way. Thanks for keeping us on track with our Spiritual Journey writing.

  2. You bring up so many great aspects of connection here, Irene--about how you hope to connect, how we can all connect with love, and how your son is learning to connect. I guess it's a journey we all need to experience for ourselves in a way. I know my grandson (Grade 3) who started in a new school in September last, experienced the same thing. Kids weren't mean to him, they just ignored him. As a somewhat reserved kid who tends to wait for others to take the social initiative, this was probably a good experience for him (though painful).

    As Margaret said, thanks so much for keeping us on track with this Spiritual Journey First Thursday meme. You are a great connector!

  3. We never know which people we meet will be the ones who will reach out and connect with us. Case in point, the girl who looked the meanest was the one one who was the sweetest to help your son learn the ropes. How the world might be a different place if we listened more frequently to "this great pull in us to connect."

  4. Irene, I will pick up on the rainbow connection that just brought a smile to my face as I listened to the tune. What if we all had rainbow connections, positive spirits and that teeny bit of risk taking, maybe it would easier to connect with others. I love how your post has led to more thoughts shared by Margaret, Violet, and Ramona. The power of connections here is that we can bounce ideas off of each other while sharing thoughts that will lead to actions. Connections has been a powerful word for us to explore. Thanks Irene for bringing us all back together.

  5. Mmmm. Sweet post from beginning to end. Just sweet. Thank you for "Rainbow Connection" - love that song. Thank you for the story of your son - reminded me of working with groups of young people when I was in retail - so much nicer inside than you would expect from their exteriors! Staying connected is vital. We need more connectors.

  6. Yes, we all have within us that pull to connect. What a beautiful poem and a lovely post. What an interesting conversation to have with your son. It reminds me of our meeting--each of us standing alone in the midst of a bunch of other talkative writers. So glad for our connection.

  7. Yes to everything about this post. And good for your youngest thriving in his new environment slowly but surely. Please tell him that Uncle Charles is proud of him!


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