Wednesday, May 17, 2017

RTR for BOOKS at Ernest and Hadley Bookseller in Tuscaloosa, AL

For those uninitiated: RTR is for Roll Tide Roll!

While I did earn a Master's Degree at University of Alabama, I have always cheered for the Auburn Tigers... but I do love Tuscaloosa!

And I am thrilled to share with you the newest indie bookstore on the block: Ernest & Hadley Booksellers. The store is a mother-daughter venture, and I enjoyed meeting Easty and Avery. The books are housed in an adorable downtown home, and it's such an inviting space... with lots of beautiful books!

 Ludelphia and I felt right at home in these rooms. And I am so grateful to the folks who stopped by and picked up copies of our book! I especially enjoyed meeting a couple who hails from Camden, as we were able to talk about mutual friends and acquaintances. Fun!

And Easty and Avery seem to be settling in well to this new adventure... there was even a quilt on the wall, which I loved! Oh, and a special guest in the bathroom... who some might call "the King." Do you know who I'm talking about? Go to the store and see if you're right. :)

Here's a picture of Avery, Easty, me, and my friend Eve, who is also a book lover and quilter and all around lovely person (more on my visit to West Alabama Quilters Guild tomorrow!):

Oh: before the book event, Eve took me to the Cypress Inn in Northport for lunch! It's on the river, and we had (delicious!) catfish. Here's pic of our view of the river which includes a tree with markers for how high the water has been at various times in history. I love Alabama! And books! And rivers!
long view...

and close up!

Thank you, Easty and Avery and Eve, for having me!

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  1. A new bookstore sounds delightful, and I am amazed at those river "highs". Also, do not know about "the king", unless it's Elvis? You've been having some happy times!


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