Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stitching Our Stories: West Alabama Quilt Guild

One of my favorite things is to hang out with quilters, so imagine my delight last Saturday when I was the guest speaker at West Alabama Quilters Guild in Tuscaloosa. What a great group! When Eve Engle (and her co-v.p.) Rose Osuma invited me to attend, she said to be sure and come early for the Show-n-Tell portion of the meeting. She didn't have to tell me... Show-n-Tell is my favorite part!

Eric Carle book quilt!
Listening to the women, I was struck by a few things: 1. how many of these quilts were made as gifts for others, and 2. how talented these quilters are, and 3. quilts really do tell a story! 

One of my favorites was a mom who quilted a top created by her daughter. She said it was intended to be a Rail Fence design, but after her daughter had her way, it was a "crooked" Rail Fence. Oh boy, can I relate to that! Pretty much all my quilts are crooked. That's what makes them beautiful and unique!

Here are some of the beautiful quilts.... I was also introduced to "book" quilts, which are themed toward a child's favorite book and include in the bottom corner a pocket for storing the book! I am totally doing this in the near future. :)
Eric Carle book quilt!

The "crooked" Rail Fence. Love it!

football quilting! Only in Alabama...

Thank you, West Alabama Quilters! I do hope you enjoy Ludelphia's story!

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  1. Thank you for coming and sharing your stories. I enjoyed it very much. Nancy A:


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