Wednesday, June 14, 2017

An Abundance of Elephants

My 2017 One Little Word is ABUNDANCE.

As a way to celebrate this word, I've posted here and here about objects I have an abundance of.

Today it's ELEPHANTS! It occurred to me yesterday when I was writing about another strand in my writer's DNA. I think elephants, too, are in my DNA. They keep coming up in my work, that's for sure! There was Millie in DON'T FEED THE BOY...
art by Stephanie Graegin

....and Miss Fancy, the real-life elephant in my forthcoming historical picture book FRANK AND MISS FANCY, set in 1913, about a black boy's quest to meet the elephant during Jim Crow Birmingham, Alabama. Wait till you see John Holyfield's art for this book... gorgeous!

Miss Fancy!

Around the house I found an elephant parade:

BOOKS about elephants...

an old one!

one I just finished!

elephant blankets (and not 
the Roll Tide variety, either... WAR EAGLE!)

... and elephant art. (This piece was a gift
from a friend who picked it up in India!)

Want to see some rescued elephants living the sweet life? Check out the elecam at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee!


  1. Abundance of elephants in this form induces a smile. I had a period when books about elephants seemed to be everywhere. " One Amazing Elephant" is a title to add yo my TBR pile.have a lovely Wednesday!

    1. Sorry for the mistakes. Small screen, not so good eyesight.

  2. A beautiful creature to have an abundance of. Elephants have had such patience with us humans.

  3. There is something special about elephants, and I love seeing all your "abundant" collection, Irene. It's great to hear about your coming picture book!

    1. You will like a new book by Sandra Markle, Thirsty, Thirsty Elephants. I just read it at my local Indie yesterday!

  4. I fell in love with elephants on my trip to Africa last summer. One of my students did a project this year to raise money for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Preserve. It's an amazing place in Kenya that rescues and cares for abandoned and orphaned baby elephants.
    I'm excited to hear you have a new picture book in the works.

  5. Rolling some JUMBO love up to you with peanuts on top, Irene, this F.D Weekend. LOVE all your elephant images here. Looking forward to the historical elephant + boy = great book. Trumpeting from Tallahassee . . . .

  6. I think I have abundances of finding elephants for a special friend... and that friend has abundances of finding turtles for someone... wonder who? haha
    you're a collector of things you love like me... soon your house will look like mine


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