Sunday, July 2, 2017

Nothing Says Summer Like QUILTS

Wow, what a busy summer! I have so much to share with all of you. Since it's a holiday week, and I've got my sewing machine plugged up and ready to stitch, I will start with quilts.

Every other June the Birmingham Quilters Guild has its show. This year featured more than 300 quilts! Thank you, quilters, for your amazing work! Talk about inspiring.... here are some of my favorites:

Self-portrait Quilts

Instead of a picture, my friend Ann made her
self-portrait in WORDS... which makes me wonder....
how would I do my self-portrait quilt?! Hmmm....

3-D Quilts

What a great way to use those
old heirloom doilies!

Farm-related Quilts

This is so gorgeous! Right away I had to send a pic
to my cow-loving mom.

reminds me of Ludelphia!

(not pictured: a slew of chicken quilts!)

Fun Quilts

How can you not smile at this?!

reminds me of my cyclist brother and nephew...

isn't the quilting gorgeous on that flower??

Mermaids always make me think of my sweet sister!

Under-the-Sea Quilts

This one reminds me of Agnes,
the heroine in my forthcoming picture book

another mermaid! Yay!

Eye-Popping Geometric Design Quilts

Quilts Featuring the Color BLACK

When I won a fat quarter in a drawing,
I picked a black print fabric. I totally want
to make a quilt with black in it now!

 Wishing everyone a lovely 4th... and happy summer stitching! xo


  1. I love seeing the quilt pics. I'm a bit behind on commenting, but I'm so glad to see this quilt post. I like the 3D quilts. Happy 4th!

  2. Wow, quilters are so creative. I love seeing them all, but especially love that "Farm Girl" and your friend's "words." Happy Fourth to you, Irene.

  3. Maybe next summer I could make a trip to Birmingham to see this show. I tried quilting years ago, but it didn't stick. Love the unique designs here.


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