Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Because Music

It's been a busy summer. So many good things! And some of the best moments for me have been marked by music.

so many beautiful sunsets at sea!
1. On Oceania's Riviera, during a Broadway revue, when the castmembers performed a medley from Les Miserables. "To love another person is to see the face of God." One of the best lines. Ever.

musical boats!
2. Near Palma de Mallorca at the Cueves del Drach (which translates to "Cave of Dragons). Our tour guide said their would be a concert, and after the concert we could go left to ride the boats across the cave lake, or right to walk across the bridge. I was expecting a cave show like I've seen here in the U.S.: recorded music with laser lights. But that's not what we got. What happened was this: after the announcements (in 3 different languages), and in the dark, we heard very faint strains of Pachelbel's Canon in D. The music got louder as a lighted boat floated toward us. And then another boat! The musicians - violin, cello, piano -- were on the boats! It was like being inside Phantom of the Opera! Completely magical. I will never forget it. (Meanwhile, caves, it seems, look pretty much the same whether in the U.S. or Spain.)

3. Listening to Neal Schon, the guitarist for Journey, play, on electric guitar, a rendition of Amazing Grace. This was so very unexpected and beautiful! It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful night, and I was at the concert with a couple of the fellas I love best.

4. Listening to the finished tracks from Eric's new album called Truth. It releases July 21, and it's raw and honest and pretty amazing. He and some friends have made videos to accompany several of the tracks -- amazing, amazingly talented kids!

5. The sound of the lake on an early morning boat trip. So, so peaceful! And beautiful to watch the fog lift off the water... ahhh!


  1. You've had a musical, magical summer.

  2. Enchanting, and inspiring sites and sounds Irene, thanks for sharing them. And as Margaret said "magical" too!


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