Monday, July 10, 2017

Movie Monday: BABY DRIVER

This movie surprised me. I'd seen a commercial for BABY DRIVER -- where a young woman is talking about a young man's name "B-A-B-Y Baby" -- but I didn't really know anything else. And sometimes that's the best, isn't it? To be surprised?

Anyhow, Baby reminded me of my son Eric. The movie had me at the beginning scenes... oh the power of music! A little star power including Kevin Spacey and Jon Hamm also doesn't hurt. But really, here, it's the story that matters -- more specifically the characters. You can't help but root for Baby. He's a good kid caught in a mess. Haven't we all been that kid at one point or another? Well, maybe not with all the violence and gunslinging and car chases, but you know what I mean. The viewer totally wants Baby to find (drive!) his way to happiness. And I appreciate how in the end one of the bad guys isn't all bad...

Give it a whirl! Maybe you will be surprised, too.

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