Friday, August 25, 2017

An Abundance of Sweet Summer Swapness

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Jone at Check It Out for Roundup. I'm excited to share with you some more of my Summer Poem Swap treasures. I shared earlier what Margaret sent me, and today I'm featuring lovelies from Buffy, Violet, and Iphigene.

But first, in case you missed it: I wrote earlier this week about a poetry-cookbook you might enjoy! Last week I shared some architecture quotes that sound like they're talking about poetry!

Buffy, ever the nature enthusiast, sent a Golden Shovel, using my poem "Tree for All" from Dear Wandering Wildebeest as her source poem. I'm so honored! And look what Buffy created:

Monarch's Commandment

Beware my stripes, you blue jays, crows, and owls
I'm not fit for feathered babes that beg in your nest
Sneak a beakful of me and you will be stricken in
your crop and stomach, your head and heart - my
body is a cesspool, brimming with toxins, hidden
in my skin and guts. Your insides will cramp to a knothole;
Think of the nausea, the gagging. It's hardy worth a nip of my
plump body. Remember this knowledge from cradle
to grave and pass over me. Teach your cozies
to avoid me while I creep and eat. Soon I will grow a brand new
body and become king of the sky, rising through air on brilliant wings.
- Buffy Silverman

How much do I love "cozies" as a noun?!

From Violet I received a photo-illustrated poem-book! She titled it "Artistry," and it's a collection of images and words that show the everyday art found in her hometown (Langley). Perhaps my favorite spread features benches and a mural of a door opening to a flight of stairs.

Here are the words that accompany:

Artistry opens a door
that isn't there
and lures us to sit 
and visit in the sun

- Violet Nesdoly

Let's sit in the sun together, shall we?

Iphigene sent me (all the way from the Phillipines) a gorgeous original painting and poem inspired by my 2017 One Little Word "Abundance."

Let Us

Let us do this -
Open arms running across fields
Stumbling through rocks
Picking ourselves up
with laughter echoing
through our chests

Let us walk through crowds
Stand in line
waiting for an adventure
of a good meal and time
to watch people

Let us do this -
Jump into the newness
of unchartered waters
falling and learning
opening ourselves
to possibility

Discovering to live our
poems, letting words
grow, bear fruit
in our every day,
in abundance

- Iphigene Daradar
Here's to open arms and bearing fruit! 

Thank you, poets, for shining your sweet light on my summer. xo

p.s. obligatory eclipse-watching photo:
courtesy of my eclipse buddy Paul


  1. Such thoughtful, striking gifts!
    The monarch has me convinced. I am utterly uninterested in taking a nip.
    Yay for opening a door that isn't there and for words bearing fruit! Love it.

  2. Wow! What absolutely wonderful gifts. Treasures!

  3. Treasures indeed! I love how Buffy's monarch poem marches along. And her words - so precise! The photo books sounds delightful. And the warmth of friendship exudes from Let Us.

    Great eclipse pic! :)

  4. What a beautiful bundle of poetic gifts! And so much to admire in all of them. <3

  5. Almost too much goodness to take in at once - what thoughtful, gorgeous gifts. The personality of each poet shines through. (Even though I haven't gotten to meet Iphogene in person yet, but she knows I'm a big fan!)
    Buffy's "Sneak a beakful of me" is right up there today with Jone's "Snurfs"!!

  6. Thanks for including my poem here, Irene. And what wonderful treasures you got from Iphigene and Violet--the summer swap is a treat!

  7. Wow, Irene, you'll be savoring these poem gifts well past summer—no doubt about that! I'm astounded at the thought, complexity, and imagination each brings to the table. Lucky you! xo

  8. Treasures are always found in the swaps, like these for you. These are wonders, I agree, Irene. I do love "lures us to sit /and visit in the sun."

  9. Thanks for featuring my poem/swap Irene! It was so fun putting it together, and then getting a swap parcel from you was icing on the cake! The poem swap made my summer richer and warmer.

  10. Oh, my goodness....if only I had a count of the gasps of delight I was making as I read this post. Each gift is so unique and so beautiful. Wow! The Monarch poem cracks me up....I simply MUST share this with middle school students. The photo is so pretty and dainty with that pink flower and then all the talk of gagging and LOVE IT!
    And, Violet....stunning book pages. Consider that idea totally borrowed. Iphigene, I love bumping into you on Poetry Fridays. My library partner is married to a Philiapino man. I've heard so many stories of their travels there that I've added your country to my bucket list.
    Irene, cute eclipse photo. We all look better looking up smiling at the sun, don't we? GREAT post today. Thank you!

  11. Oh how wonderful to open your mailbox and find such incredible treasures, all so different and unique, and really reflective of the creative individuals who made them.

  12. Such lovely gifts to treasure and to ponder!

  13. Wow! Such treasures you've received!

  14. Don't you just love these poetry swaps? They are the best part of summer or at least part of the best. And I think it makes me step up my game.

  15. Thank you for sharing my poem and artwork. You did indeed have a lovely set of treasures there. Poetry swap has been an overall wonderful experience both in the writing and creating as well as in the receiving.

  16. The poems and pictures/paintings were LOVELY. So cool!

  17. Wonderful gifts. I love the words bearing fruit and the painted opened door. Your eclipse photo is lovely, too.


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