Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Perfect Day at Poet's House

Slowly, slowly I am catching up here at Live Your Poem. Today I want to share about our event at Poet's House, which happened April 21 in Manhattan.

This event was set up by Charles Waters, who is a regular at Poet's House -- and of course everyone there loves him!

It's a beautiful building near Battery Park with all sorts of poetry memorabilia... and of course the 70,000 volume collection of poetry books. :)

We presented on CAN I TOUCH YOUR HAIR?, and the amazing staff put together a "hair" craft, much like Sean and Selina's craft for PEN World Voice, though there was no prior discussion about it, so it was just a happy coincidence. The kids really seemed to enjoy it! We loved taking
craft station!
pics of the kids with their happy creations (see below). We also read poems from the book and answered a few questions from the audience. It was fun to give shout-outs to  our editor Carol Hinz and one of the illustrators Selina Alko, who were in the audience.

Also in the audience were three of my guys, though two of them were sick! You can probably tell which ones from the picture. :)

Paul (sick), Andrew (not sick), Eric (sick)

And here's the reason for the book and why do these things:

Aren't they wonderful?!

"Back off, I'm a poet."
Finally, here's a pic of me with a poetry tote gifted me by dear friend Robyn Hood Black. Kind of the perfect accessory in New York City during National Poetry Month, yes? :)

So many thanks to all involved! And readers, next time you are in New York City, be sure to visit Poet's House. It's all kinds of inspiring. I know you're going to love it! 


  1. Those kid pics are very cute, Irene. Happy to read about your time at The Poet's House!

  2. JOY!
    Families who attend book events.
    The young poets with their hair portraits (& poems...)
    The glimpses of Poets' House.
    The NYC-ready poet's back off bag, from creative RHB.
    More spreading the word by you & Charles Waters for


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