Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hello, Butler County, Alabama!

Last week it was my pleasure to visit with gifted students in Butler County, Alabama. Thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of teacher Lori Brown, they'd all read LEAVING GEE'S BEND -- which is appropriate, as Butler County is right next door to Wilcox County (where Gee's Bend is located).

We had a lovely time talking books and writing, and it was fun to sign books for these eager young readers and writers. Thank you, Lori, and Butler County for supporting school visits and for inviting me to share my work with your students!

the whole gang!

Lori Brown and Irene Latham
(with gift-copy of SCHOOL PEOPLE)

showing a Gee's Bend style quilt I made

attentive kids who later asked brilliant questions!
 In other news, I will be traveling to Gee's Bend in July as part of Alabama Folklife Association quilting programming (you can register, too!) ... and I just might bring home a quilt! Yes, Mary Ann Pettway is making one for me, and maybe it will be ready... Fingers crossed!

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  1. What fun to meet with a lively group of readers who had read Gee's Bend! I love the blue quilt and will look forward to hearing more about the Alabama Folklife gathering (and maybe getting to see our quilt).


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