Friday, June 15, 2018

A Wildflower Walk

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Karen Edmisten for Roundup.

Today is my beloved niece's wedding, so I'm putting on my party dress. Will be great to see her and the groom and other members of my family! More on this later.

Every day Paul and I walk the old country road where we live. It's great exercise, and our dog Ruby loves her leash-free runs into the woods -- and back to us. One of the things we're enjoying is the bounty of plant life, especially wildflower. Here are some pics from this week... if you are a flower person, I would love some help identifying these!


black-eyed susan






Pretty colorful, right? And next week it will probably look completely different. All in nature is temporary... which makes me wonder why we humans so often crave permanence...

It also reminds me of this poem by Walter de la Mare, which appears in a book gifted me by sweet Linda!

Come - Gone

Gone the snowdrop- come the crocus;
With the tulip blows the squill;
jonquil white as wax between them,
And the nid-nod daffodil.

Peach, plum, cherry, pear and apple,
Rain-sweet lilac on the spray;
Come the dog-rose in the hedges-
Gone's the sweetness of the may.

- Walter de la Mare

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  1. Queen Anne's Lace? The third one looks like an aster. The fifth one looks like a violet. If you wanted to start an herbarium, you have some great samples there! Enjoy the wedding! xo

  2. Number 4, I think, is what we call Scarlet Gilia, but at least related. Number five, evening primrose? How wonderful to see so many, Irene, and I'm glad you shared a poem from the book. Ah, "the sweetness of the may". FYI - I don't find your link on Karen's site. And, have a wonderful time at the wedding!

  3. Oh, a summer wedding! Enjoy every moment. Even marriage changes in its seasons. But, don't tell your niece that. Let her discover the deepening of love and friendship that comes with aging. Congratulations! I love the first flower that isn't quite Queen Ann's lace. So pretty!

  4. I think as Tabatha said the first one is Queen Anne's Lace, but the third one looks like Shasta daisies, and the next looks like Butterfly weed–beautiful assortment of color and textures! "Come - Gone" is a flowering beauty. Thanks for sharing all with us Irene, and I hope you enjoy the wedding!

  5. I'm not a gardening buff, so I can't help you with your flowers. But 'Come - Gone' is the perfect poetry accompaniment! Hoping you had a gorgeous time at the wedding!

  6. "And the nid-nod daffodil"

    That line made my day! Many thanks!

    If you take your phone with you on a walk, then download one of the free ID apps like iPlant or iNaturalist (there are quite a few to choose from). Take a photo and see what the app comes up with. It's not always accurate, but it will do until you get home and are able to look it up online.

    1. If you come across any really big Queen Anne's lace, clip off the flower head and let dry. During the winter months they can be hung on a ribbon in a window. Very pretty. Like a flowery snowflake.

  7. Irene, I have been MIA lately what with the first birthday of my little grandbaby. Your wildflower walk brings such peace to me now that I am home from my birthday visit and I am missing sweet little Sierra. Now I am pondering your thought, "All in nature is temporary... which makes me wonder why we humans so often crave permanence...", as I swing into the designing of my spring gallery. I am capturing your mimosa that is so gentle looking against the country walk's landscape for my spring gallery as a photo from you. Perhaps others would write a poem about that.


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