Wednesday, June 13, 2018

TINY INFINITIES & a Firefly Poem

I've just finished TINY INFINITIES by J.H. Diehl. It's a middle grade novel about a friendship, and changes, and things out of our control. It has a glow to it, much like the fireflies on its cover (and in its pages)!
I'll start by sharing a few quotes, and then a poem inspired by the quotes:

“We're going to call a firefly with your magic wand,” I went on. “You'll like fireflies, because they don't use sounds to find other fireflies. Only their lights. The way they flash on and off is code to talk to each other. So you don't have to talk, either. You can use light language.”


“Here are my fireflies, “ I said. “Well, they're not mine. They belong to summertime, but I know you liked them before. Maybe they're your friends, Piper.”

And now the poem:

To a Child of Summertime

Show me your light language,
speak to me with glow and flash.

Run with me through a thicket
until we are both breathless,

our speech prickly with brambles
and sweat.

Swim with me in these gin-tinted waters,
our legs pulsing promises:

save me.

                  I'm yours.

Does the breeze still tease
your damp hair to whippoorwills?

I would catch you, hold you,
but not in a jar, no –

I carry you on my chest,
an ambush of freckles.

- Irene Latham


  1. That's beautiful, Irene. Just as you are. I got your package, and it made me smile, despite a swollen eye, a biopsy, a few rejections and even more silence. Thanks for that. If you give me permission, I'll put up your poem for this PF. XOXO

    1. Hi Irene, You haven't responded, and I have to decide whether or not to put up your poem. I will go ahead and put it up, and hope you don't mind. If you don't want it up, let me know by email. Thanks!

  2. Love that "ambush of freckles." I'm requesting Tiny Infinities now. I miss fireflies. It's why I need a trip home every summer.

  3. Lovely. Your language is exquisite! I have fireflies this week, too, but I like yours better!

  4. Loved this book, and love your poem. Thanks for sharing it!


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