Monday, June 11, 2018

The Latest Adventures of Me and Lady Godiva

photo by my sweet sis Lynn
of me practicing wet-headed
(as I often do!)
Three-and-a-half years ago I started playing the cello.

Two years ago I walked into Atlanta Violins and came out with Lady Godiva - my very own instrument. And we're still making music together. Though she has a few new nicks than she had when I first brought her home... and her strings probably could be replaced... and the bow most definitely has shed some hair!

We've performed with Birmingham Cello Project a few times, which has been lovely! I also graduated from Suzuki Book 4. :) Which means I can play a couple of minuets from Bach's cello suite 1 -- pieces I'm told I will play the rest of my cello-life.

Now I am learning the first piece in Suzuki Book 5 - Sonata in E minor by Vivaldi. I kind of love it. Though I am still struggling with intonation and drawing the bow straight (especially on the A string) and double stops and keeping my hand in the proper position and and and... so much to learn!

I did have a wonderful, encouraging thing happen this past week. I was practicing when the termite bond guy came around to inspect the house. When my husband was signing off on the paperwork, the termite bond guy asked who was playing the cello. He said he'd never heard a cello in real life before (yet he knew it was a cello!), and how beautiful it was.

So, yeah, I think I may have found my audience: people who've never heard the instrument in real life before. :) Totally made my day and has renewed my enthusiasm. Thank you, termite bond guy!

See? Just like poems, music is meant to be shared... you don't have to be a maestro. (Just typing the words I need to hear...)

Meanwhile, I am very much looking forward to Adult Strings Weekend at University of Alabama.


  1. Ah, sweet music. In this story, I can hear the cello melody from the l
    lake to here...

    (My music muscle stretch - inspire by your cello reporting a few years back, in fact - is a song sung out loud each day. When I belt it out at home, I'm not sure a vendor visiting would have your bug guy's response :)

  2. Cellos in person (and persistent pupils) -- gorgeous! Hats off to termite bond guy for successful instrument identification :-)

  3. I love the cello and this post. Yay for termite bond guy. :) I hope you'll treat us with a sample of your cello playing sometime.

  4. Love this post of your musical journey with Lady Godiva. When I clicked on the post, I had forgotten that Lady Godiva was the name of your cello. Play on, dear friend!


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