Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Return of Nakedness

July 2018 view
Hello and welcome to Spiritual Journey Thursday. Today we are gathering at Pat's place, Writer on a Horse, to talk about "returning," as Pat has returned to her blog and writing, and she's asked us to think about returning seasonal things -- what in nature do we look forward to the return of? (That sentence feels awfully awkward... sorry!)

With summer winding down, my thoughts have turned to fall. I look forward to the return of colorful leaves and pumpkin-hay bale displays and campfire evenings with a quilt around my shoulders. This will be our first fall living full-time at the lake, so we're pretty excited! I really look forward to that day (like the one I'll never forget from last year) when suddenly, all the leaves have dropped, and the lake is stark and bare and beautiful.

[pic TK --- probably around first of November!]

And that interests me, about myself, about my life -- that it's not the brilliant color I am most looking forward to, but to the bare-ness, the nakedness. Here is a poem I wrote about it a few years ago.

And isn't this such a great metaphor for the spiritual life? Sometimes the most vibrant, connected, meaningful, grace-filled moments we can experience are actually when we are most still and revealed and naked... I find that's also the place where the best poems live... so yes, much to look forward to! Meanwhile I am savoring each moment of summer. Thank you for reading, and happy day to all.


  1. Lovely, which I see is exactly what I said the first time I read that poem! :-)

  2. Irene, your poem is lovely as our your thoughts. I lingered over your short, succinct post on connecting the word nakedness to our spiritual life, the season, and poetry writing and am rereading it to reflect upon later. Enjoy the lake. Your poetry swap from me is on its way again. I hope this time it reaches you.

  3. I especially love how your poem at the link paints "yellow-brown tornadoes" whirling through the yard during the naked branches season. This post makes me think forward to fall, which hadn't receive much of a glimmer of attention until this moment, Irene. Appreciations.

  4. You know my house is kind of like yours... even though I've not seen the lake house in person, but the pictures make me think like my house ... it's all green and full and alive and then boom winter and bare, grumpy looking landscape


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