Friday, October 12, 2018

"Illuminating Octopod" Art & Poem by Michelle Kogan #OctopusMonth

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Laura at Writing the World for Kids for Roundup. 
I've been enjoying a lovely few days of school visits in Morgan County, Alabama -- where, yes, I have been able to share AGNES with young readers! I'll also be sharing tomorrow in Sandy Springs, Georgia, so lots of fun going on... including the following octopus poems this week:

"Octopus Enumerated" by Michelle Schaub (our 2nd Michelle of the month!)
"Octopus" by Harry Laing (later retitled "Shoctopus")
"Octopodessert" by Matt F. Esenwine (which I thought was about octopus as dessert, but is actually dessert FOR an octopus!)

You can find all the poems and links at the Happy Octopus Month padlet.

As we continue #OctopusMonth, I am delighted to share with you art and poem by the ever-talented Michelle Kogan (our 3rd Michelle of the month!):

by Michelle Kogan

Octopuses that’s us, that’s I,
amazingly we seem to fly.
Through deep waters way down below,
look at me now, I’m all-aglow!

Bioluminescence that’s me
sparkling like a moonlit sea.
Stauroteuthis Syrtensis’ my
name, twinkling light as I swim by.

I’m “glowing sucker” octopod,
An illuminate lighting rod.
Watch me glow five minutes or so
my “blue-green hue” makes quite a show!
I am kind of in love with that "illuminate lightning rod." All a-glow, indeed! Beautiful, isn't it?

Thanks so much for reading!


  1. LOVE the poem and painting!! I love the personality that comes through with the use of first person. :)

  2. Irene, I agree with you that Michelle's octopus poem and artwork are a beautiful match. These lines resonated with me: sparkling like a moonlit sea, twinkling light as I swim by, and of course, illuminate lightning rod. The poem sparkles as a visual by itself but the drawing enhances the meaning of the poem.

  3. Thanks for sharing my ILLUMINATING OCTOPOD poem and art Irene! You are growing quite a burgeoning octopod collection of poems and art in your padlet–the last three by Michelle, Harry and Matt are all wonderful! xo

  4. I love Michelle's art....I think these lines are my favorite because the painting really seems to show the words and words show the painting...
    "Bioluminescence that’s me
    sparkling like a moonlit sea"
    Really beautiful poem, Michelle....but also informative.

  5. Such fun to learn something new while reading a poem!

  6. I have my copy of Agnes sitting on my dining room table. I am looking forward to reading it this weekend!

  7. They do make quite a show!
    (People really came through with octopeese poems and art for you, didn't they, Irene!)

  8. I've reading about the octopus, so much fun!

  9. Another wonderful octopus poem and art--I love the sparkling--bioluminescence and the sparkling words and image, too.

  10. Yes! An illuminate lighting rod is my very favorite bit, too! Lovely:>) I saw a gorgeous octopus artwork (OF, not BY and octopus, I mean) on an art crawl yesterday, Irene. Took a pic I'll have to share with you.


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