Thursday, October 11, 2018

"Octopodessert" by Matt F. Esenwine

by Matt F. Esenwine

A few little scallops, two snails, and a shrimp.
Wrap up in seaweed.
           Seal edge with a crimp.

A delicacy that no money can buy!

Serves 8. (After all, it’s an octo-pie.)

I confess: I knew someone would make a meal of our octopus... turns out it was Matt. And OF COURSE an octopodessert would serve 8! :) 

I myself have never eaten octopus -- calamari, yes. I suspect they have similar tastes and textures? I do know that when I've used Google to search for octopus-related content, quite a lot comes up about recipes and prep tips! 

Out of respect for Agnes, I cruise right past those links.... and shall refrain from any such foodie adventures, at least for the duration of #OctopusMonth!

And now back to Morgan County, Alabama, where I am enjoying visiting with students and teachers. xo


  1. Poor Agnes - this poem should have come with a trigger warning! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Irene! Glad you liked it. But no worries...the ingredients I list are foods eaten BY octopi, so this is actually a dessert FOR Agnes, not OF her. ;)

  3. I could tell, Matt! (Does it serve eight octopodes or eight limbs?)

    1. P.S. I pretty much use a different plural for octopus every time I talk about them, but I am running out and will probably have to start making them up.

  4. Love this! Eight more servings, please. :)

  5. could be a new sushi recipe, Matt. clever, and so tasty for Agnes!

  6. Yum! Sounds like Agnes is in for a treat (and thank goodness she's not the treat!)

  7. Love recipes, especially desserts!

  8. A pie just for Agnes, how perfect–delicious poem Matt!

  9. Probably for 8 octopieces for 8 octopi, but I bet each one would want their own octopie! I'll bet it would be hard to tell whose octopendage was reaching around for another octoplate of octopodessert!

  10. So clever! I don't think this is a pie of octopuses...isn't it a pie for them? I hate seafood, so I have no skin in the game--haha. But since I love Agnes, I would hate for her to be a main ingredient...

  11. I love Matt's delicious poem (afterall I must confess, Irene, that I do love octopus).

  12. Just wanted to thank everyone...'preciate it!


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