Monday, October 22, 2018

Movie Monday: OCEANS: OUR BLUE PLANET for #OctopusMonth

This past weekend my sister and I met at a longtime favorite place: the Tennessee Aquarium. So many thanks to the Aquarium education department for hosting us!

While there we visited the resident octopus and also viewed the IMAX film OCEANS: OUR BLUE PLANET, narrated by Kate Winslet. The film starts in the tropics and then travels all across the seven seas. Through amazing video footage, narration and music, it reminded us that the ocean is the great wild frontier of our planet, with so much still to be discovered. You can view the trailer on YouTube.

Agnes, just hanging
with the other mollusks
I was spellbound by the early slow-mo footage of giant waves... breathtaking! And yes, there was a segment about a giant Pacific Octopus! It, too, was stunning. The octopus complete disguised itself by using its suckers to hold a bunch of shells. It looked like a mound of coral, so the cruising shark could smell it, but not get to it! Octopuses are so graceful as they move through the deep -- absolutely gorgeous.

So, yes, go see the movie, if it's anywhere near you! And take a look at how at home AGNES looks in the gift shop? :) My sister is an amazing photographer, and she took a lot of pictures during our time at Tennessee Aquarium... I will share as soon as I am able! Meanwhile, here's two pictures from my phone that I adore -- one that's not octo at all... and the other that's 100% octo! Enjoy!

blue morpho butterfly
hitching a ride on Lynn's bag

a gift from LTG :)

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  1. O! A big bounce for bag bursting joy. It's lovely, especially with Alice gamboling all over this beauty. I would keep that sister, were I you :)
    I want to see this movie & also your new friend, the Tennessee Aquarium, after reading this. Alice did find a perfect perch there!

    More Happy Octopus Month to you!


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