Tuesday, December 11, 2018

TRIBE OF MENTORS: Q.6: Absurd Love

Welcome also to the latest installment of my TRIBE OF MENTORS by Timothy Ferriss series.

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Today's question:

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

Maggie keeping the new
quilt warm.
I ran through a number of things in my head before I settled on this: quilts. I love quilts. I'm kind of like a cat lady when it comes to quilts... when I see one, I have to take it home! Just the other day I was in an antique store with a friend, and there was this beat-up quilt. The batting was coming out in all kinds of places, but I just looked at it -- the colors, the stitching, the stains -- and I could just imagine the life it's lived and the stories it has to tell! My friend bargained with the seller, and for $15, I brought it home.

I don't know what I'm going to do with all these quilts. Every now and then I promise myself (and my husband!): no more quilts! But it never lasts. I love opening the closet and just admiring the way they looked all stacked together, those colors and patterns moving and blending... and I love alternating my display of quilts around the house, according to the season. Of course right now the focus is on red and green for the Christmas season.

Here's what I know: We love what we love. It's something beyond our control or understanding, really... maybe even hardwired. And it needn't make sense to anyone else. (the Quilt Lady has spoken!)


  1. Love the pic of Miss Maggie on the quilt! No wonder you couldn't resist such a beautiful piece of hand worked love. And once you'd imagined its life and stories...it had claimed you!

  2. Raising Black Swallowtail butterflies (and now, Monarchs, since they FINALLY found my milkweed last summer). What difference does a dozen or so more butterflies make to the world? It makes a difference to ME.


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