Thursday, April 18, 2019

ARTSPEAK: Happy! poem "What a Cat Needs" by Irene Latham

Welcome to ARTSPEAK: Happy! my 2019 National Poetry Month poem a day project, in which I am responding to pieces of art that make me happy. Read why in my introductory post.

Poems so far:
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Today's piece is "Julie Manet with Cat" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I love cats -- especially our cat Maggie -- so this was rather a fun poem to write.

What a Cat Needs
- after "Julie Manet with Cat" by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

a nice warm lap –
doesn't matter if it's bumpy
or flat –

a dish of cream,
a morning sunbeam.

Add a singing cricket
or a high-flying bird

and you'll soon learn
another word for “happy”

is purrrrrrrrr.

- Irene Latham

Be sure to visit Linda at A Word Edgewise for the latest line in our Progressive Poem!


  1. So happy with this one and the painting!
    "'ll soon learn another word for “happy” is purrrrrrrrr."
    I needed this cat poem since this poetry month is filled with a surfeit of dog poems by my blogging friends.

  2. I adore this poem, Irene! The last line is purrrfect!

  3. Simply cat is purring next to me with tremendous approval. We especially like a morning sunbeam. Both of us look for one to soak up with closed eyes.

  4. Love that 'bumpy or flat', they will nestle however it works, you're right. And I love the painting, her face, but especially the cat's expression.

  5. My cat leaps and chirps at bugs, so funny to watch. I love this happy cat filled poem.

  6. Adorable! Especially love "a dish of cream/a morning sunbeam." :)

  7. So so so true. Our Fiona is always found in the only sunbeam anywhere! Cats! xxxx

  8. I need this poem today after a hard week of work. Thank you Irene!

  9. Loved the ending...."another word fo happy is purr."


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