Tuesday, November 9, 2021

9th of the Month Homeschool Poetry Party!


Hello, and welcome to a new feature here at Live Your Poem: Homeschool Poetry Party! Celebrating the joys of reading and writing poetry with Homeschool Families on the 9th of the month (all year long!)

This month we'll focus on GRATITUDE with blessings, prayers, and writing gratitude poems. 

First: a Prayer poem from my 2019 ArtSpeak: Happy series. 

Now listen to me reading the poem:


Question for discussion: When you think of God, what color comes to mind?

Next, a book recommendation:

Find out more about For Every Little Thing: Poems and Prayers to Celebrate the Day by June Cotner, Nancy Tupper Ling, & Helen Cann by visiting the blog interview I did with Nancy Tupper Ling back in September.

Finally, let's write a Gratitude poem! 

1. make a quick list of some things you're grateful for

my list:

family times
exploring nature

2. use the 5 senses to bring them alive

family times - together in the kitchen tasting pumpkin pie, nutmeg and allspice tickling our tongues  (taste)
reading - cozy under a blanket with a second-hand book (touch)
writing - the characters in my new story dancing in my dreams (sight)
music-making - "Ode to Joy" marching me across the hours (sound)
exploring nature - the scent of woodsmoke as I crackle-crunch across fallen leaves in the woods (scent & sound)

3. put them in an order that's pleasing to you

cozy under the blanket,
turning pages of a favorite book
characters dance in my dreams
Ode to Joy marches me
into the woods where the scent
of woodsmoke welcomes me
as we crackle-crunch across fallen leaves
together, nutmeg and allspice tickling our tongues

4. make changes so that the words sound and mean even more (i.e. add rhyme, title, punctuation, choose more precise words; take away words, etc.)

Every Day is a Holiday

Cozy under quilt,
flipping pages 
until characters 
dance dizzy in my dreams—

"Ode to Joy" 
marches me awake
and into the woods 
where woodsmoke 
welcomes all
as leaves crackle-crunch 

The best times
are together times, 
nutmeg and allspice 
tickling our tongues.

5. Share your poem with someone!
I've created a special Homeschool Poetry Party! padlet, if you'd like to post your poem for others in this community!

Thank you for joining the Homeschool Poetry Party!! If you found value in this post, please share it with others. Thank you!


  1. I love how you share your process, Irene, showing us each step along the way as you shape your poem. What a gift not only to homeschoolers, but to all of us who love poetry. Thank you!

  2. I sent the link to a dear friend who has three home schooled grandchildren. What a gift to show up with them on the 9th of every month. Thank you, Irene. As I was listening to you read the poem, Robby popped in from quiet time to listen too!


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