Friday, November 12, 2021

Where Friendship Begins (poem)

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Matt at Radio, Rhythm and Rhyme for Roundup.

I started a new monthly feature at my blog this week: Homeschool  Poetry Party! 

I've done a lot of work with homeschoolers this past year, and I have loved it! So, on the 9th of each month (hello, nonets!!) I'll be posting something especially for homeschool families. If you know a homeschool family, and you think they'd benefit from a bit of poetry in their lives, would you please share the link with them?? Thank you for your help!!

When I went into my art folder to select a piece for today's poem, I noticed in the "Done in 2021" file a surprise miniseries of poem titles beginning with "question" words:

What the Deer Sees

When in Doubt

Why Evening Comes Early in Autumn

Why River Smiles in Winter

Why Roses?, I decided to add another Question-title poem this week to the series! (And perhaps I will continue for a few weeks, or at least until I lose interest. :) Thank you so much for reading.

Where Friendship Begins

on a hushed,
          curving road
beside a slumberous field—

can I help you?
          sunders autumn fog

- Irene Latham


  1. People think of fog as being mysterious and spooky, but I feel like it more as a friendly hug from Nature. Love this, Irene!

  2. A poem that fits the painting so well, Irene, but love the painting, too! Fog is elusive here so I love reading about it & imagining what it would be to see. Best wishes for your new project. I don't know any homeschoolers, but if I do, will send them your way! Happy Weekend!

  3. Love it, Irene. To me, the autumn fog suggests the hesitance or confusion in the person's thoughts or feelings, and if that is sundered, a path forward opens. I will share your link with my homeschool family. Thanks for offering this.

  4. I like fog! The coziness of fog makes me happy as long as I'm not also cold, wet, or scared. I see fog asking the question, "Can I help you?" very easily. Fog is our friend. Thank goodness.

  5. Thank you for this poem. I enjoyed it and with very few words you painted a very clear picture in my mind. Nice work! What I saw was a person broken down on the road on a foggy morning. Someone came out of the fog and asked to help. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I'm in love with "hushed," "slumberous," and "sunder." But I'm curious, in a poem about friendship beginning, why or who would the fog be sundering (breaking apart)?

    1. Thank you for this question, Mary Lee! In my mind the friendship, this moment of connection, is poking a hole in the fog (of life? busyness? isolation? despair?). It's kind of mysterious, isn't it? But of course readers are invited to bring whatever meaning/interpretation they like! xo

  7. I love the the words slumberous and sunder and this slanted way you approach friendship in such a fresh way through image. xo

  8. Homeschoolers and gifted enrichment teachers like me! Your poems are wonderful mentor texts for my young poets. Beautiful word choice with this poem/ painting match up. Friendship begins with "Can I help you?" Love it!

  9. Who's poetry always amazes and inspires me? Irene's poetry! Your ability to delve so deeply into an image, imagine so much from what the artist has depicted is incredible. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us!

  10. I love this. Love the fog so much. And the word slumberous.


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