Friday, April 8, 2022

On Indecision (and Zebras!)

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Janice at Salt City Verse for Roundup.

Our community is simply bursting with poetic goodness this month, isn't it? So lovely.

My ArtSpeak: Animals poem today features a zebra. 

I have attempted to write on this particular piece of art several times so far this year, and it just wasn't working!  

Today's effort has an emotional focus—about something I struggle with in real life! I'm a fence-stradler, a Pisces (fish swimming in opposite directions)...I can most often see both sides of a situation. Do I have to choose? Can't I have BOTH? Sigh. And so...this poem. Thank you so much for reading.



my zebra heart

doesn't know

when to


and when to


- Irene Latham


Long-time readers may remember I had another zebra poem in my debut poetry book for kids (way back in 2014!) DEAR WANDERING WILDEBEEST: And Other Poems From the Water Hole.

It features that quality among zebra herds in which the zebras work as a team. The whole herd starts moving about so that predators can't tell where one zebra begins and the other ends! 

 If you're one of those writing a poem a day this month, what a gift you're giving yourself and the world. KEEP GOING!!! xo


  1. I remember those Wandering Wildebeasts, still have the book, Irene. I recently saw a photo where the zebras' stripes were caught in shadow, amazing. Love that 'Giddyup!" and "whoa". In these recent months, indecision has kept us all wondering about masking, out or in, etc. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Irene, wonderful zebra poems today. I like where you went with the artwork and indecision. I can relate, and as Linda B. says, indecision does seem to be more a part of everyone's world in these days.

  3. Indecision hit home to me, too! Thanks for sharing these wonderful zebra poems.

  4. Ha! Well, thank goodness we have some Pisces in our world. They help us with balance when those of us that are crazier animals like leos charge ahead and need to back up a bit. You do so much with so few words.

  5. Oh, I love the zebras following you through the years and can so relate to this zebra heart. So difficult to know, so difficult to know. Thank you for always finding the just right words with the just right image to help us understand ourselves. xo

  6. Love the zebra heart. It is a hard thing to know.

  7. Your 'lines' resonate on multiple levels, Irene. ;)

  8. Oh that wandering indecisive zebra mind is so much a part of me it’s as camouflaged as the zebras who confuse their predators.

  9. This poem captures that push and pull of indecision perfectly!

  10. I guess a "zebra heart" doesn't see things in black and white the way the stripes do? ;-)


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