Friday, April 15, 2022

On Parrots and Friendship (poem)


Hello and Happy National Poetry Month! Be sure to visit Matt at Radio, Rhythm, & Rhyme for Roundup.

Happy almost Easter! On this Good Friday I'm out gallivanting with my Garden Girls, but I do have a poem...and a pic of me and the sweetest, fluffiest Angora rabbit you ever did see. Holding it, I felt like I was 8 years old again. :)

Today's ArtSpeak: Animals poem features parrots. Don't you love those across-the-decades friendships where you can instantly dive in with honesty and vulnerability? Today's poem is about that.

Two Parrots Take a Walk Together in Spring

While songbirds patter about sky and rain,
parrots promenade like twin kings.

Old friends, they chatter about the beauty
the season brings—

Bees, wide-awake petals;
heat, and tender new wings.

Never enough time, so they're quick
to say the important things—

You are the cure for winter.
When we're together, my spirit sings.

- Irene Latham


  1. Your poem speaks the truth -- with old friends we are able to get right to the important things no matter how much time has passed. And we laugh more honestly, too, don't we?

  2. Love the poem - and love the fact that it was inspired by true friendship!

  3. Such a joyous poem (love Primachenko's art!). And that RABBIT!!! LOVE. :)

  4. Two old friends bringing happiness is a wonderful thing, Irene. Enjoy today & Happy Easter!

  5. I love the wisdom of the ending, Irene. Thank you so much for the lovely postcard. I mentioned your card and shared a photo at my post because I love it so much.

  6. Irene, your poem brought to mind immediately my closest, dearest friend, "the cure for my winter," with whom I drop seamlessly into conversation whether by phone or in person. I love thinking about us as parrots!

  7. Connecting conversations with old friends feel like forever giving hugs, and your upbeat poem captures these special feelings—Thanks, and Happy Easter Irene!

  8. Irene, what a sweet poem of old friends chatting away. I love the wisdom in these lines:
    "Never enough time, so they're quick
    to say the important things—"
    I recently had two days with an old friend like this. You pick up where you left off without missing a beat. Thanks for your poem.

  9. Your 'earresitible' bunny picture makes me 'hoppy'. :)

  10. This is beautiful, Irene. So perfectly capturing that feeling of walking and talking with a dear friend.

  11. This is a gorgeous pairing. I love the friends as birds...and that rhyme that keeps washing over me as I read. Having recently spent a week with old, dear friends, this poem feels almost autobiographical for me too. And you with that rabbit...I can see little Irene! Happy belated Easter, my friend! xo


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