Friday, May 13, 2022

Butterfly Poem


Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Rose at Imagine the Possibilities for Roundup. 

I'm on the road today, heading for Murfreesboro, TN, where tomorrow I'll be part of the Southern Kid Literary Festival. I can't wait to share D-39 and The Cat Man of Aleppo with 3rd-5th graders! And...I get to hang out with my mom and the Tennessee contingent of my family. YAY!

I'll leave you with an ArtSpeak: Animals spring-y butterfly poem. Since the collective noun for sharks (shiver) was so well received last week, I decided to include one of the collective nouns for butterflies. Thank you so much for reading.

Meadow Kaleidoscope

A hundred butterflies

find flower-dish
after delicious flower-

O sippety-slurp!—

enough for you and you
and you!

What is spring,
but a smorgasbord

of wishes
come         true?


  1. Love it, Irene! Butterflies are amongst my favorite insect to write about! Your poem captures their nectar sipping excitement perfectly! Safe Travels - those are some lucky kids!

  2. I love this, Irene! The sippety-slurping sound of wishes coming true xo

  3. Yes, me too, ❤️ your "sippety-slurp!" Yum and the Odilon Redon Butterflies they are flutterlucious, thanks!

  4. oh I do hope you were in that meadow when these hundred butterflies sippety-slurped! I know I was!

  5. Such an extravagance in that final question of 'Meadow Kaleidoscope.' I saw a student reading D-39 in the wild yesterday and can't wait to give her the little D-39 notebook on Monday. Yippee! Your writing really is getting into kids (and me--who feels like a kid a lot of the time). Enjoy the festival!

  6. Your poem is as delicious as a flower-dish! Enjoy the festival!

  7. Oh I love thinking about spring as a smorgasbord. Have a great trip!

  8. A kaleidoscope of butterflies... your poems are a kaleidoscope, too. Safe travels; lucky kids! XO

  9. The image of a kaleidoscope of butterflies sippity-slurping in a smorgasbord or flowers will remain with me always. Thank you! Hope you are having a fun weekend.

  10. You have the best job! Have fun at the festival. And those butterflies! My favorite, so many wonder words: kaleidoscope and smorgasbord! I'm sad we never pulled together a meeting with my kiddos. They loved our read aloud of D-39.

  11. A kaleidoscope indeed! I am finding such warmth in the celebrations of spring this week - we have been hit with out first cold snap of the year in my part of the world and I have been whinging about the cold. Thankyou for warming me up.

  12. Of course a group of butterflies is a kaleidoscope! Thank you for teaching me this through your delightful poem!

  13. "but a smorgasbord of wishes come true"--for me for sure! Happy travels, Irene!

  14. Irene, there is so much to like about your delightful poem:


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