Friday, May 20, 2022

Sheep in the Snow Poem

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I'm on a just-me writing retreat all week, so I've actually prepared this poem ahead of time. And to continue the "out of time" theme, I've got a snow poem... I know! But I am told by a Montana friend that she has seen snow fall every month of the year.  (Ultimately the poem is about faith, so why not snow?) Thank you so much for reading!

Sheep in Snow

What is this wet
Where did
the green go?
Shall we follow
these trails,
leap these rails?

Wait—sun always
comes back.
Surely pasture
will, too—
I believe in light.
Just look
at all this bright!

- Irene Latham


  1. Irene, snow seems to be the operative word in some areas but we are going to have a heat wave this week. Your poem inspires me to organize my winter gallery of artistic expressions when my eyes stop burning from the cataract surgeries. Sheep in Snow is just what I needed to read after finding out that multiple people in my family, including the grandgirls test positive for COVID. Faith/light combination is lovely.

  2. I believe in snow and light! Thank you for taking the time out of your retreat to share this with us!

  3. Our wonderful rain just changed to snow, FYI, so glad I arrived here for your "Sheep in Snow", Irene. I know we'll have "all the bright" soon! Hope your 'time" is lovely!

  4. "I believe in light/just look/ at all this bright" gives me such a hopeful feeling. Happy retreating and writing. Fill up that love-tank with lots of ideas and words.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Irene! Love the just-a-pinch of rhyme - so effective.

  6. Way to capture the dazzle of snow and rays of hope. Here's hoping you enjoy your retreat!

  7. I love the hopefulness of the second stanza. This sheep is quite wise!

  8. "Look at all this bright" -- the "bright" is always there if we choose to see it...or make it!!


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