Friday, September 16, 2022

Picasso Elephant poem

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Kathryn Apel for a Down Under Roundup.

This month while the tv runs college football games, I've been piecing a quilt! 

I realized a while back that I had quite a lot of black fabric in my stash. Black is not the most popular color to include in a quilt—which has made a black quilt project all the more enticing! I decided to use strips and construct squares on the diagonal—kind of a "crazy" quilt—and then arrange 4 squares to create some sort of funky block. 

(I am not a precision quilter! More of an improvisational quilter, ala the Gee's Bend quilters.)

As I've been sewing, a name for the quilt popped into my head: "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Glorious." 

No "evil" in this quilt! But lots of midnight. And my sweet friend Donna gave me some beautiful black-horse fabric, so I'll be incorporating it into the back— which I haven't figured out yet! I'll keep you posted.

In ArtSpeak: Animals news, I'm still having fun with Picasso. Today I have a sweet little elephant poem for you. Thanks so much for reading.

how jubilantly

elephant calf welcomes dawn

parade of mothers

- Irene Latham


  1. Ooooh. I am loving all the vibrant colours; the personality you are capturing in your quilt. And that funky horse fabric! What fun!! By contrast, your haiku is a gentle stretch of the simplicity of a line drawing.

  2. Irene, there is poetic goodness in all that you do. I did not know that you are a quilter. This one perks my interest in seeing the whole project completed. The little elephant haiku is honking good morning to all. Thanks for sharing your special projects.

  3. You are indeed a woman of many talents!

  4. Love the idea of "midnight in the garden of good and glorious", Irene, & these picasso poems that respond to his art feel as if you're talking to him. He holds up a sketch, you reply! Happy Weekend!

  5. There is something about "piece" work, isn't there? I'm not a quilter...but collage does that for me. I love the piecing together. And, wow--a black quilt? I'm in touch with about 1,000 teenagers that would love it. This post with a poem that includes "parade of mothers" gives me energy! I'm looking forward to your finished quilt. Stitch on, Irene!

  6. Beautiful, Irene--the blackness and boldness of the quilt project and the brevity and simplicity of the sketch and poem. Sigh...

  7. Those horses look like Laurel Burch horses! Love her style. Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out. Once I'm done with weekly mandalas, I'm itching to try new stitchy things, including quilting. And your baby elephant!! We have a youngster at the Columbus Zoo who has been so fun to watch grow!

  8. Oh, I am all over that quilt full of black! Just dark and delicious and delightful. And thanks for the smile at a new baby elephant - such amazing animals. Miss Fancy would approve, I'm sure! xo

  9. "jubilant, parade" - the joy of elephants linked together - and the joy of diving into a quilt without a pattern! Seems like a great way to spend a football day


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