Thursday, June 29, 2023

The Moon in June - Welcome to Poetry Friday Roundup!

Hello and welcome to Poetry Friday Roundup! Our theme for today is "The Moon in June." Please add your link below...and take a moment to enjoy all the lovely poetic offerings! 

I wanted us all to share moon poems because I hope this post will be a valuable poetic resource for educators in conjunction with my new book THE MUSEUM ON THE MOON (Bushel & Peck, 2023, illus. by Myriam Wares). It features 20 poems about some curious objects humans have left on the moon. It just got its first (glowing!) review: 
 “The poetry and facts complement each other and make for a nice flow of information and fun.…A lovely picture book that mixes poetry and history about the moon.”School Library Journal

Is there a poet among us who has NOT at some point written about the moon? Click here for a MOON padlet I created that includes some moon poems I've collected so far!

Write about a radish

too many people write about the moon.

The night is black

the stars are small and high

the clock unwinds its ever-ticking tune

hills gleam dimly

distant nighthawks cry.

A radish rises in the waiting sky.

- Karla Kuskin

So, here's to radishes and all the fresh ways poets of today and yesterday write about the moon!

And now it is my pleasure to share some moon offerings from a few of today's beloved children's poets.

Marilyn Singer's book A Full Moon Is Rising (Lee & Low, 2011, illus. by Julia Cairns) opens with “Broadway Moon” and closes with:

Broadway Moon Again

New York City, USA

On the sidewalk, the audience of one is now ten.
“What you looking at, girl?” they ask.
“O, the moon,” she says. “Just the moon.”
But what a moon!
Between the skyscrapers, it takes a bow.
“Encore in one month!” it proclaims.
“Admission is always free.”

- Marilyn Singer

“Broadway Moon Again.” Poem from A Full Moon is Rising. Poem copyright © 2011 by Marilyn Singer. Illustrations copyright © 2011 by Julia Cairns. Permission arranged with LEE & LOW BOOKS Inc., New York, NY 10016. All rights reserved. Learn more at

Don't you love "Admission is always free" ?? Lovely!

The next moon poem comes from J. Patrick Lewis, found in his book Phrases of the Moon: Lunar Poems (Creative Editions, 2018, illus. by Jori van der Linde). Thank you, Pat, for giving me permission to share this one...and for calling the moon an "eternal museum"... my forthcoming book also uses the museum metaphor. Yay!

The Moon Is

Man or woman,
Rabbit or cat,
Depending on what
You're gazing at.

Misshapen in full
Or parenthesis,
So often mistakenly
taken for Swiss

Cheese. Dusty trustee
Of famous footprints
Of twelve astronauts who
Have landed there since.

Eternal museum
Where folklore abides,
Sojourner of heavens,
Re-turner of tides.

The luminous news
(Farmer's Almanac),
A cool monthly cruise
Round the zodiac.

- J. Patrick Lewis

Finally, I've got this magical one I just want to read over and over again from Rebecca Kai Dotlich in One Minute till Bedtime: 60 Second Poems to Send You off to Sleep selected by Kenn Nesbitt (Little Brown, 2016,  illus. by Christoph Niemann). Thanks, Rebecca!

Sky Story

Who has the keys
to the moon,
to the moon...
who has the keys
to the moon?
Not me,
said the owl,
said the owl;
no keys.
Not me,

said the mouse
as he nibbled his cheese.
Not me,
said the bee.
Nor I, said the fly.
Only I, said the sky.
Only I.

- Rebecca Kai Dotlich

And here is this week's ArtSpeak: Light poem. It has a very long title. (Do you, like me, love very long titles??)

Soliloquy of a Moth Upon Rising from the Rushes Just as Moon Sheds Her Robe of Clouds

O Queen of Tides

O Mirror of the Sun
Crabs are dancing
their sideways dance
Sky is surging
as I tilt toward you
and only you
O Beauty, O Muse
O Furnace of a Thousand Dreams

Burn me

- Irene Latham

I'll have more moon goodness in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for let's get ready to dance with the July Supermoon! (Or at least say hello/make a wish/send a kiss.) 💜


  1. What a gorgeous, glowing post this is - thanks for inviting us to your Moon party! Congratulations on the incredible new book, and howling for its brilliant success... xo

  2. "O Queen of Tides" -- what a great opening line, Irene. Congrats on the new book!

  3. What a lovely light you've shined on all the Moon poems here Irene! Wishing you many congrats on your forthcoming book "The Museum on the Moon" sounds enchanting, thanks for all and for hosting too!

  4. Congratulations on THE MUSEUM ON THE MOON--can't wait to read it! Apparently you and I are both fans of radishes. Thanks for this wonderful moon celebration.

  5. What a luminous post this is, Irene! Thanks so much for the invitation to join in the lunar fun, for sharing all these wonderful poems, and for hosting this week. Congratulations on your upcoming book!!

  6. I adore Sky Story, too! The moon sheds her robe of clouds <3 and furnace of a thousand dreams <3 Thanks for hosting! xo

  7. Love your post, Irene - some wonderful poems here, too, esp. yours, Rebecca's, and Karla's, which has been a favorite for some time. Thank you for hosting! I didn't realize you were looking for moon poems today, but I did share one just a couple of weeks ago, based on a photo my 13YO son took while stargazing:

  8. Wishing I had this post long ago, Irene, when doing moon adventures with my students. I love all the books you mentioned & I mentioned Kuskin's books today, too. And your poem, celebrating "O Mirror of the Sun" - wonderful! I can't wait to read your new book! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Oh, Irene, you brought such a joyous light to kick off the Roundup. I look forward to writing a blog post about your fabulous new book, I think your educator resource section will be a big hit during the new school year.

  10. I'm over the moon to be a part of your party, Irene. Thank you for hosting. :)

  11. I'm sorry I didn't stick to the script for today's moon party, but I did manage a post full of all kinds of goodies since I've been away for a couple of weeks! Thanks for hosting us, and thanks again for one of the books I feature in my post!

  12. Love all this moon goodness, Irene! Karla Kushkin's poem always makes me smile and your moth soliloquy is so joyous. By the way, I love the long title.

  13. What an amazing collection of moon poems! I can't wait to read all of the others that people are posting today. Thank you for hosting! :)

  14. There are some things that we never ever get tired of writing about, we poets, and the moon is definitely one of them. I look forward to all this glowing goodness reflecting the light of your new book! Congratulations and thank you for including us, even if I didn't find a way to participate.

  15. Gorgeous long-title poem :)! And what a lunar collection you've gathered on this post alone. I look forward to lingering in your upcoming book!

  16. Oh my. I was just popping in to read some PF posts (missing you all!) and I discovered that not only is lovely Irene hosting, but you have another book out - and it's a moon party, to celebrate.

    Well, of course I have some moon poems, too! But when I went to find the link to my poems on my blog, I discovered that one was actually written in response to a prompt from YOU! So, I'm sharing the link from 2018, and sending silver baubles in celebration of your book release. And hugs! xx

    1. aww! How about that! Yay for the moon and Kat coming to the soiree! xo

  17. Ah, simply delightful. Thank you, Irene, for hosting with this moony post. I, too, love long titles...and adore "Burn me." Many congratulations on your new book. I look forward to sharing it far and wide!

    Over at The Poem Farm, I wrote a new moon poem in celebration of your book. It is an advice poem. xo, a.

  18. I feel like I've walked into a poetry faire and want to stay all day! I'll start in your padlet and scoop up more moon poetry. I'll savor Rebecca's 60sec moon poem over and over. But the best is your Soliloquy -- a sky surging! I will sit with this one for a while longer.

  19. Queen of Tides, yes, ma'am! What a nice collection you've assembled--and contributed to. Thanks for the inspiration and for rounding up.

  20. Thank you for sharing these swoony moon poems, Irene. I love the variety from these master poets. I'm not a big fan of long poem titles because I want to get to the poem! So impatient :>) Congrats on your first wonderful review! I have a couple more moon poems at and and NO need to include these, but they're available if you'd like to! Thanks for hosting Poetry Friday!

  21. Ditto on Patricia's comment, a poetry faire! With all the glory and glamour of words in the air, singing to the moon and to all of us. You model to me the exact right use of a long title and how in just two words "burn me" you capture a strong lingering image. I'm working away slowly at a post (post surgery), so I hope to join the party sometime.

  22. I'm going to have Sting's old "Sister Moon" on brainradio all day now. Queen of tides is a lovely, lovely turn of phrase, and this is beautiful.

  23. What a wonderful collection of moon poems! Thank you for hosting the round up this week and inspiring us to write about our faithful lunar friend.

  24. I have a quiet moment in my time away to check in on PF. What a wonderful post. I agree about that Rebecca K. Dotlitch poem. It's just dreamy. Today, I might just write about a radish. LOL. I was just at a friend's house and the subject of radishes came up!
    Great post and that last line..."burn me" is perfect.

  25. You KNOW I'm excited about this moon book, Irene, and ALL moon books. Thank you for this great post, congratulations, and thanks for hosting!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This isn't Steve, it's Marilyn Singer. Steve is my husband and neither of us can figure out how to fix this. LOL. Anyhoo, I said: Thanks for including me--and some of my favorite poets--in your post. And congrats on your new book! LOL!

  27. What a treat to read your lovely collection of moon poems. I saw that Broadway moon once between skyscrapers only it was a Houston moon! Congrats on the new book coming soon. Thanks for your lovely Artspeak poem with its long title .

  28. Irene I really appreciate that you included Sky Story in your moon poems blogpost. And I want to thank everyone for the nice comments. The moon is one of those elusive mysteries that poets are naturally mystified and amazed by.


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