Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 One Little Word

Hello! Today marks our first Spiritual Journey Thursday of 2017, hosted by Carol at Beyond Literacy Link. Thank you, Carol! We'll all be posting about our One Little Word. Want to sign up to host? We still have one slot left!

This year marks my 10th year of practicing One Little Word. (!) It's been such an enriching experience that I really can't imagine NOT choosing one little word to guide and inspire my year.

Here are the words I've selected in the past:

--> 2016 delight 

For 2017, the word I've selected is ABUNDANCE.

"Abundance is not a state of finances or wealth, it is a state of inner health. Wherever there is joy, appreciation, gratitude, giving, caring, creativity, vision, inspiration, love, patience and playfulness, there is abundance." - unknown

The word makes me think of the sky or the ocean, how there is enough for everyone. It makes me think of love and forgiveness -- also enough for everyone. It pulls me away from thoughts of comparison or feelings of lack -- I am enough. I am exactly where I am meant to be.

This year I want to love from a place of abundance, and write from a place of abundance. There are more than enough words and ideas for everyone! I want to focus on ways I can create abundance. Instead of asking, what can I get out this experience? (which has many times been the way I've decided whether to do this thing or that thing), I want to focus on what can I give?

Consider this quote from Lao Tzu:

"The sage never tries to store things up. The more he does for others, the more he has. The more he gives to others, the greater his abundance."

I think I've done a lot of "storing up" in my life. Choosing this word makes me want to let go of things -- things in my basement and closet, mementos, even photographs. Somehow I think abundance is related to simplicity. In the way that a flower only takes the water it needs. And the ant carries only the amount of food it can eat. Having more, storing up is a byproduct of fear -- fear of future loss.

And so it seems abundance is also a way to live in the present, to be fully present in one's own life. And the time to give is always, always NOW.
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Thank you for reading... I'm excited to see where this word takes me! Please share your thoughts below!


  1. Irene, you one word, abundance, will serve you well because it has a storehouse of opportunities that will allow you to seek and find the good in everything. Thank you for the opportunity to host 2017 SJfT (If you would like we could use the hashtag, #2017SJfT.)

  2. What beautiful and inspiring thoughts, Irene! You've said a mouthful here: "Somehow I think abundance is related to simplicity. In the way that a flower only takes the water it needs. And the ant carries only the amount of food it can eat. Having more, storing up is a byproduct of fear -- fear of future loss."

    I enjoyed reading your list of words from the past as well. My OLW for this year is one you chose in 2009 - LISTEN.

  3. Creative abundance! I love that idea, that there is enough for all of us. When we share our creativity, we live in joy and abundance. Love comes back to us! I forgot about the link up today. I need to mark my calendar, but I wrote about my OLW for Tuesday. I'm planning to cherish each day. When we connect all our words together, we make something strong and special.

  4. There is an abundance of words to savor in this post: inner health, enough for everyone, loving and writing from a place of abundance, creative abundance. It seems this year that many people are choosing words that focus on making people and the world better than it is right now. Wouldn't it be wonderful it we started a revolution! Happy New Year, Irene!

  5. Love your word and this visual - "Abundance is knowing you are enough." And your words: "I am exactly where I am meant to be." You've surprised me with your thoughts about "storing up." Never thought about that as living from a place of fear. Hmmm! Might help me let go of some more teaching stuff. What a blessing to see the world through the words of my friends and be inspired by them. I can't wait to follow your abundant journey this year.

  6. Your gifts are abundant, Irene - thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year! XO

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