Sunday, April 21, 2019

ARTSPEAK: Happy! poem "A Dream of Yellow" by Irene Latham

Happy Easter!!

Welcome to ARTSPEAK: Happy! my 2019 National Poetry Month poem a day project, in which I am responding to pieces of art that make me happy. Read why in my introductory post.

Poems so far:
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"Fiddle Song" after The Fiddler by Marc Chagall

Today's piece is Tree Against a Yellow Background" by Odilon Redon.
A Dream of Yellow

-after “Tree Against a Yellow Background" by Odilon Redon.

You and me
in a yellow season,
all leaf-flutter, sky aflame.

We walk together
along a path
we cleared in summer,

and now
trees whisper, yellow
breeze sings a sunshine song.

We learn yellow
is yet another word

for love.

- Irene Latham

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  1. Love: "all leaf-flutter, sky aflame." One of the techniques I find interesting in your poetry is your use of sound. The soft sounds of l and s tucked at the beginning and within words makes this poem sing. The w sounds caused me to slow down in just in the right spots as the w drew my attention to meaning. I'm certainly enjoying every stop by your blog this month. Thank you!

  2. There is little that is nicer than an autumn walk when the "breeze sings a sunshine song." Love this, Irene!

  3. I, too, love "all leaf-flutter, sky aflame" and enjoy every visit to your blog. Such wonderful poems you're crafting this month! Thanks also for my surprise post card poem! It was such a treat, especially as it was squeezed between two bills!

  4. Linda "took" my favorite line, as she often does.... lovely poem, my friend, and sending you sunshine wishes galore. XO

  5. This is gorgeous. It is a love poem and it is a poem that would be happy on the back of a book of yellow happy poems. Hug. xxxx

  6. I read this yesterday and have returned to comment. Yellow was my favorite color in college. I had a yellow parka and a yellow hat, a yellow bikini (oh I loved that) and other yellow goodies. My living room is a yellow, but not bright, more cream but more lemon-y at night. So this totally appealed to me instantly. And the love poem aspect....perfection. I can see those gorgeous yellow fall leaves and a bright blue sky. I agree with Amy LV about the yellow poem book. Hint.

  7. Not sure how I missed commenting on this one, but "yellow breeze sings a sunshine song..." is my favorite line. You are spreading such sunshine and happiness this month.


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