Friday, October 11, 2019

MOONSTRUCK! and a New Moon Poem

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I've got the moon on my mind -- thanks, in part, to the anthology MOONSTRUCK! Poems About our Moon edited by Roger Stevens, illustrated by Ed Boxall. Lots of gems in this book, and proof of poets' continued fascination with the moon. (A couple of my faves upon this latest reading: "Three Short Poems" by Tony Mitton and "You" by Jay Hulme. Do check this book out!)
I mean, who among you has NOT written a poem about and/or including the moon? Which is what makes it so difficult, as Karla Kuskin so brilliantly addresses in her poem "Write About A Radish," which begins with this stanza:

"Write about a radish
Too many people write about the

So of course I decided to write a new moon poem. :) Enjoy!

photo by flikr from london, UK - flikr0114, CC BY 2.0,

If the Moon Were an Onion

then stars could only be
the sun's teardrops
as she halves,
slivers –
preparing our nightfeast.

- Irene Latham


  1. Lovely! "Nightfeast"is my kind of word. :) Thanks for the heads up about this anthology.

  2. I do love moon poems & this is a brand new look, Irene. I will remember on Sunday when I gaze at that full moon! Wonderful! And thanks for the shout for Moonstruck, a new one to me!

  3. Fun poem Irene–yes the onion as the moon–Lovely! Moonstruck looks enchanting… Thanks.

  4. Oh, my gosh....I love it. Yes, if the moon were an onion. I might need to use this as a prompt. How much fun you must have had playing with this one. Delightful! And, the book looks good too.

  5. This is brilliant, Irene! I especially love the idea of stars being the "sun's teardrops." Thank you for introducing me to Moonstruck. It looks wonderful!

  6. A gorgeous and very original moon poem, Irene! The moon has been on my mind quite a bit lately, too. We've had several full and close to full harvest moons, and our farmers have been hard at work in the fields by its light.

  7. Oh....the stars as "sun's teardrops." Beautiful! I have a new camera lens and am hoping to figure out how to capture some of that moon beauty. Perhaps when I zoom in closely I'll see suspiciously onion-y rings! Either way, I'll be thinking of your poem and your creative new take on the moon!

  8. Who knew the moon could be an onion, but I love the nightfeast you've offered!

  9. Oh, I am buying this book, stat! Onions get their fair due as well, in poetry, and I like your combination of moon and onion. Moonion. I love love love "preparing our nightfeast."

    See, look--I clicked to order it before I even clicked to publish this comment. : ) Thanks, Irene!

  10. I love this poem--teardrop stars and a nightly feast! And the poem that inspired it made me laugh. You both said something new about the moon!


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