Friday, May 10, 2024

Space Cat Poem

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit lovely Linda at A Word Edgewise for Roundup.

Isn't May full of all the things?! I'm away from my desk today, with my mom at an outdoor arts and crafts event. If we're lucky, we may even pop into a yard sale or two.

For today's ArtSpeak: FOLK ART poem, I've got a cat for you! It's not my first cat poem here at Live Your Poem...

I followed a little cat one day
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But it is my first SPACE cat! Thanks so much for reading.

Space Cat

Have you ever seen

a cat like that?

Two surprised eyes

and whiskers wide

as starships,

her oversize ears

must hear the heart-

beat of the galaxy,

the patter of all

paws and claws

as she leaps from

one life to another.

- Irene Latham


  1. Have a fun time with your mother! Love the ending, Irene, of course the Spacecat can "leap from/one life to another"!

  2. That patter of paws and claws is so fun! Happy Mother's Day weekend to you. A craft show with Mum sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  3. I am fascinated by your right-justified and line-breaks, Irene. Would love to hear more about how this poem formed and evolved.

  4. You make such wonderful connections, Irene. I love that you can look at that picture and think “Space Cat.” It would have never occurred to me, but now that you have named it and so lyrically explained, it makes perfect sense. I can see it no other way!

  5. For some reason I especially love "whiskers wide as starships"! This feels like it could be part of a book. Glad you were out having fun with your mom! :)

  6. Love imagining "the heartbeat of the galaxy" and all the lovely internal rhyme.

  7. Oh "the heartbeat of the galaxy!" Yes! And that art is so intriguing!

  8. I love the Folk Art piece and this line: "whiskers wide

    as starships," I hope you have had a wonderful time with your mom.

  9. Irene, I love your space cat. "oversize ears must hear the heart-
    beat of the galaxy" and the "leaps from one life to another" as she goes through all nine, perhaps, are my favorite lines. So rich, and the image was a great inspiration.

  10. I like thinking of Space Cat leaping from one life to another. :) Hope you had fun with your mom! My daughters and I went to Junkstock this weekend and had a great time.


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